CRT Collective: APEX 27" AT2704S (June 2003)

(This is part of an ongoing effort to document the various CRT monitors and televisions that I acquire, with information that may be of relevance to others who Google the same model!)

This is a fairly bulky 27" curved television set, and one of the rare instances where it feels as back-heavy as it does front-heavy. It has spring-loaded side handles to make lugging it around marginally more bearable. The set weighs 88 pounds and measures 29.5 x 23.2 x 18.7 inches (852 x 692 x 580 mm). Internally it houses 5W stereo speakers. No component inputs, but it does have three composite inputs on the back and a fourth on the front, as well as s-video. The s-video signal is shared with the bottom-most composite input (Video 3) on the back. So for audio out while on the s-video input, you will want to connect the stereo cables to the bottom set of jacks on the back. There is also a composite output to feed another device. Read Full Article