How To Downgrade Epson XP Printer Firmware (Fix Ink Not Recognized Error) XP-300 to XP-630, XP-640, XP-830


Despite a supreme court ruling in favor of third party ink suppliers, printer manufacturers remain relentless in their quest to eliminate cheaper ink alternatives. Everything from issuing stealth firmware updates disguised as security patches, to questionable takedown notices on eBay, these companies are determined to make consumers pay for their high cost ink.

For Epson, new firmware updates are applied by default as part of the routine software update checks. Although the firmware frequency varies by model, many printers were issued a January 2018 update that effectively disabled the majority of third party ink cartridges. Printers affected by this will suddenly receive notices that one or more ink cartridges are unrecognized, incompatible or non-genuine. The company expects you to replace the ink with their much more expensive name brand format in order to continue using the printer at all (e.g., $100.95 from Epson's shop for the full 410XL ink pack, versus $27.79 by a competing ink remanufacturer).

Luckily, it is usually possible to restore an older version of the printer's firmware and resolve these newfound and self-imposed incompatibilities. The difficult part is figuring out how, since printer companies are notorious for removing old firmware as soon as the new version gets released and they rarely document how to get the printer into recovery mode or transmit older firmware.

This guide is for the Epson XP series and should work on any model from 300 through at least 830, and likely many others with minor adjustments in the instructions. Please refer to the video for an illustrated demonstration.

Epson Downgrade Firmware Instructions

  1. Connect a USB Printer cable from the back of your printer to a computer or laptop. You must use  a Type A/B printer cable and plug it into the correct USB port on the printer (square) not the standard USB input port on the front. When in recovery mode, a USB connection is required to transfer the firmware to the printer, even if you already have it connected wirelessly.
  2. Remove all of the ink cartridges from the printer. This will ensure that all cartridge-related errors will be reset after applying the alternate firmware.
  3. Power off the printer. As soon as the printer is completely shut down, perform the following key combination until the firmware update screen appears in white text [if the printer instead boots to its regular screen or IPL mode with red text, you may have to look-up or experimennt to find the proper recovery mode combination for your printer model]:
    1. For many series from XP-300 to XP-630: Press and hold the STOP button, LEFT ARROW button, HOME button and POWER button simultaneously
    2. For the XP-440 to XP-446 and XP-640 to XP-646: Press and hold the STOP button, LEFT ARROW button, DOWN ARROW button and POWER button  simultaneously (thanks to Ken for the combo)
    3. For the XP-800 to XP-830 and similar single button models: Press and hold the TOP-RIGHT corner of the TOUCH SCREEN and POWER button simultaneously.
    4. For other models or if you can't get the above to work: Try all of the above and if you still fail to reach recovery mode, you can check this link for additional combo keys.
  4. Download the older firmware onto the connected laptop or computer. For your convenience, a table containing older firmware for the most common printer models (XP-200 through XP-960) is available below. If you have a different model, it may take some research to find the desired firmware since most printer manufacturers remove obsolete firmware from their site immediately and provide no downgrade instructions. Epson's printers use a self-installing firmware updater that can be run directly from Windows or MacOS. In the case of the XP-630, the earliest firmware update that is the most compatible with third party cartridges is NQ10F8.
  5. After launching the downloaded firmware installer, step through the wizard by following the on-screen instructions. In the case of Epson, you mostly have to click next through a few pages of disclaimers. Assuming the printer is connected to the PC with a USB cable and powered up to the recovery screen, you should see a single entry in the Model list and it should be checked. Click Start to begin the firmware downgrade, and then click Yes to confirm. The prior firmware will be transferred to the printer, where it will begin flashing automatically. This process can take several minutes, but when it is completed the on-screen display will indicate that it has finished.
  6. Once the downgrade is complete, press OK or unplug the printer to power it off. Then power it on again. When prompted, insert the ink as usual and then let the printer complete the ink initialization.


If all of the instructions have been followed successfully, you should no longer receive errors about incompatible ink when using third party cartridges and will be free to print once again. Make sure to disable or otherwise ignore any prompts to update the firmware again to avoid this happening in the future. For Epson, you can uninstall Epson Software Updater as an extra precaution, or simply remember to always uncheck the firwmare updates when prompted (it is safe to update the other software packages).

One unaffiliated third party site that I found of value is Xtrime Printer Drivers, which includes variety of software and firmware downloads for Epson, Canon and Brother printers circa 2015-2016. You may wish to run any downloaded file through a scanner such as VirusTotal to ensure it is clean before running it). You may also find WIC Utility of interest (also unaffiliated); the free version can query many printers to detect older firmware versions and list them for review, but to actually downgrade using this software instead of manually as described in this video costs $20 per reset. Some additional firmware downgrade key combination instructions for other XP models can be reviewed here.

Epson Firmware Download Links

For your convenience, a table containing 2016-2017 firmware files for a wide range of Epson printers is included below. These are official Epson downloads (secure and virus-free).


Update 11/2019: Epson has retroactively removed virtually all traces of the old drivers from their FTP server. Mirrors are included for most major printer models (Windows). You may have luck finding models unlisted by searching for the referenced firmware on Google, but use caution if downloading from extenral sources (e.g., scan through through Virus Total to ensure they are clean). These download mirrors here are unaltered, direct from Epson.

Epson XP-200RF01G406/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-300RJ01G406/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-310OJ28G106/07/16N/ADownload
Epson XP-320SJ07G4 06/07/16DownloadDownload
Epson XP-330JO10G306/07/16DownloadDownload
Epson XP-340MJ10H809/27/17DownloadDownload
Epson XP-400RM01G409/21/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-410OM28G101/28/16N/AN/A
Epson XP-420SM07G407/06/16N/AN/A
Epson XP-424SM07G407/06/16N/AN/A
Epson XP-430MO10G306/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-434MO10G306/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-440SO10H809/27/17DownloadDownload
Epson XP-520YF07F806/07/16N/AN/A
Epson XP-600MA22G409/21/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-610NA12F806/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-620YE07F806/07/16N/AN/A
Epson XP-630NQ18G303/18/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-640NK10G810/08/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-800MB22G406/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-810NX12F806/07/16N/AN/A
Epson XP-820YD07F806/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-830NP18G306/07/15DownloadDownload
Epson XP-850MG22G406/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-860YA04G207/01/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-950PG12F806/07/16DownloadN/A
Epson XP-960PL18G303/18/16DownloadN/A

An Alternate Method (Scrape Carbon Band Off Cartridge)

This tip comes courtesy of Greg, who received these instructions and images from an ink supplier and confirmed it solved the rejection notice for him. Your success may vary depending on the cartridge type. I would still recommend to first attempt downgrading the firmware as described above, but if that fails or still gives you error notices you can try this as an alternative:

  1. Locate the carbon film band on the upper right corner of the chip.
  2. Scrape the carbon film band with a box cutter or scalpel (or even a sharp knife if that is all you have).
  3. Install the cartridge into the printer again to check if it is recognized.

767 thoughts on “How To Downgrade Epson XP Printer Firmware (Fix Ink Not Recognized Error) XP-300 to XP-630, XP-640, XP-830

    • I have an Epson xp-830 and with an up recent firmware update Epson prevents using third-party ink. I bought a cartridge from Cartridge World did not work because of this. I was ready to return the cartridges that did not work but they were kind enough to downgrade the firmware to a previous version on my printer.Now it works. Guess what they charged? ZERO! They fixed this issue with other makes and models for other people. Don't even think about going to their competitors, these guys at 635 E Indian School in Phoenix, AZ have the proper firmware take care of you.

      • What is the name of this company? Do you have to buy the printer from them to get the fix?

        I'm 77 years old with arthritis and can't do the key combinations required.


  1. Dude. You are awesome. I was about to toss this POS into the trash. I decided to give it one more go and find a way to fix it. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for this great post, very well done.
    Tried this on an Epson Expression XP-640: it uses the right arrow button instead of the left in the button sequence to enable the firmware update mode. The printer, though, returns "Data File not found" on the LCD screen, after the firmware has been copied to it, and older firmware will not load. (tried NK10G8, oldest, and NK19H5, same result for both). Trying to downgrade the firmware with the printer on in normal printing mode does not work either: the software will not allow an older firmware to overwrite newer. Any solution to this?

  3. When I try to run either of the linked EXE programs, IU get a FILE IS NOT FOUND error message.
    I have an XP-434.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Andrew, for XP-434 you will need specific firmware for that model the ones above aren't compatible. Firmware MO10G3 released June 2016 would be the best bet, you can download here: or - Make sure to right-click and save as and select a location on your computer where it can easily be opened. If the shortcut to enter recovery mode for the 630 described in this tutorial doesn't work for you, it might be CANCEL+DOWN+LEFT+POWER ON as it is for some later model 400-series.

      • Hey - I have a XP-430, and was able to use "Stop, Left, Home, Power" to allow installation of the older MO10G3 firmware. It worked fine. And let me add my voice to those who think that this is extremely obnoxious. If it is such a *good* thing, why don't they tell you what will happen before you update?

  4. PULL INK OUT FIRST.... On the XP-640 @ XP-646 to put in program mode. With the power off push ( STOP : LEFT ARROW : down ARROW : and POWER ) At the same time this well put the printer in program mode it well be White on screen then download firmware it well say finished on screen and give the firmware update on screen NK10G8. You have to unplug the printer to get the white screen off. After it is off plug it back in and turn it back on. Put ink back in then You can check the firmware version on the printer screen.

    • Thanks, Ken! I haven't had the chance to test on a 640 yet, but will add an update with the aforementioned key combo (STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER) since it is different from the 630 and lower (STOP + LEFT + HOME + POWER).

  5. Hey so my brother and I were going through the steps of fixing our 440. Everything goes swimmingly well up until I run the firmware updater where in which the printer displays the update mode and flashes No Files Found. Did I mess something up along the way or did I not apply the right firmware?

  6. I can't find an older firmware version for MAC for the XP-640 that seems to work. The link above took me to the XP-630 which isn't compatible for the XP-640. I found one dated 08/21/17 (firmware version 1D.1F.NK19H5), but when I connect the Epson Firmware Updater to the printer, under tab 5 (of7) I get an error message stating "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer."
    If anyone else has managed to find the older firmware, or had success downgrading the XP-640, I'd really appreciate some tips on how you did that.

    • David, I'm a Mac user who had the same problem as you with finding Mac Firmware for my XP-640. Took me a long time, but I finally found it at this link: (It's at this website: If you go the website, once you get to the Epson XP-640 page, scroll down until you see the section called "Download Epson XP-640 Drivers for Mac." At the very bottom of that section, you will see the NK10G8 recovery firmware download for Mac. Following the rest of Matt's instructions will get you there. Worked for me!

      Matt, I would recommend you include the firmware link for Mac in your original instructions. The only link you have is for PC's, and it was sure disappointing to get that far and then be stuck. But thanks so much for putting this up to save all of us from crooked corporate America that just wants to make obscene money off of us.

        • Hi Matt, I kind of think I'm screwed. I bought an XP-6100 and the CISS for it. I assumed that there was a way to make it chipless since there was a CISS available for it. I think I was incorrect in that assumption. I'm pretty sure my husband's brain will melt if I have spent all this money for nothing. People seem to have luck after talking to you, so here I am. 🙂 Can you work a miracle for me? I would appreciate it soooooooooo much!!

  7. Thanks! Worked for my 440 with this combo as stated above: "Press and hold the STOP button, LEFT ARROW button, DOWN ARROW button and POWER button simultaneously ". Uninstalled every bit of Epson bloatware: Customer Satisfaction Survey; Updater; and their BS Ready Ink crap.

    • Good to hear! You can also disable the nag screen on the printer itself via Settings > Firmware Update > Notification > Off. Otherwise every time you want to perform any action on the printer screen itself you'll be prompted about the newer firmware.

    • I just bought an XP-440 and don't plan to upgrade the firmware, I'd like to check if I have an early enough version out of the box that third party ink will work correctly. What version do you have that works? (I'm on SO16H6, still not have tested it with any third party inks)

      • I'd recommend simply trying third party ink to see. If it works then there is no need to downgrade and odds are it'll work with all recent re-manufactured ink. If it fails then you can downgrade to the September 2017 (SO10H8) firmware below which should be suitable (STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER should be the combo). Epson's firmware naming conventions are cryptic and there is no easy way to tell the date based just on the firmware ID. Most boxed printers are packaged many months in advance, so usually would contain an older firmware.

        XP-440 (Windows) -

  8. Question on a conflict of instructions- You mention in step 6 to push ok or power it off, but the software install says it will power off automatically for the XP630 downgrade. Which should I do?

    • Hi Tim. Many times the printer will not actually power off by itself after the "recovery firmware" is completed until you unplug it or press the Power button, even though it says it may. You can proceed with the firmware install as it states, and if it powers off on its own that is fine but otherwise you should see "FINISHED" on the printer screen after it is successful and can then unplug or otherwise power it off then restart it.

  9. I have an Epson XP-440 that gets an error message when I try this. There doesn't seem to be specific instructions for this model. Help?!

    • Hi. For XP-440 try the combo: CANCEL + DOWN + LEFT + POWER ON to enter firmware recovery mode. Firmware from September 2017 is at . The text on the printer screen when in firmware update mode should be white. If it is red or says IPL mode then you may instead try STOP + RIGHT + HOME + POWER but I think the first combo is correct.

  10. I am going to try this. Question though (I'm completely ignorant on these issues so pardon), do I uninstall from control panel first or do this as is?

  11. It finished! However, it won't accept the blank ink still. Better than before where it wouldn't accept any color. What should I try next?

  12. NM! I took the black and put back in. OMW! It's back to working! Thank you so much for this incredible information.

    • Glad you got it working! Yes sometimes after downgrading you may have to remove and insert the ink once more or there may still be some residual issues. You can also now disable the firmware update nag screen on the printer via Settings > Firmware Update > Notifications.

      • Thank you so much for this!! I have the XP-434 as well, and I had the same problem she did - after it was downgraded the black ink still wouldn't work (the only off-brand cartridge in it), but now it does.
        Thank you!!!!! In my initial googling earlier today, so many sites said that it was impossible to fix it once the firmware had been updated. You're a lifesaver!!! I was about to go all Office Space on this bitch until I found your article!

  13. Many Thanks. Latest Firmware update to my Epson XP-440 on 4/16/2018. reported it couldn't find 3 of 4 cartridges. Fixed with your instructions. Details for posterity:

    Dug out a USB-B cable, plugged it in to make sure PC saw it. removed ink cartridges and shut down printer. Turned it back on using CANCEL + DOWN + LEFT + POWER ON (cancel is triangle-in-circle). Powered on and black screen with white text appeared. Winodws popped up a new hardware wizard but couldn't find any device to add. I just clicked cancel. Ran the Firmware from September 2017 you linked at . Window popped up, clicked next and agree a couple times. It showed a usb device in the list like you said. I clicked Start and waited. 5 min or so later the printer screen said success. had to pull the power cord to shut down. turned it back on, it prompted to insert cartridges. did so, and it proceeded to prepare cartridges and all seems well. it immediately said a new firmware update was available. I went to Setup/firmware update/notification/Off. All cartridges good, prints fine again. Thanks!

  14. Was so close to going 'office space' on this POS (fuck EPSON; never again) and I figured I'd see if there was an easy roll-back option. Excellent work, this worked flawlessly on my XP-630.

  15. I was SO pissed when my Epson firmware update screwed my aftermarket ink. Of course, Epson customer service would not admit the update had anything to do with the screw up. All she would say, repeatedly, was, "We strongly recommend you use genuine Epson ink." Fucking bitch!! Well, your site didn't include the XP 434, but following your procedure, and using the 2016 Epson firmware download from, I got my printer back!! Thanks a million. BEWARE FIRMWARE UPDATES

  16. Hi, This appears to be a good solution, however when I get to step 5 on the installation "Firmware Updater" the "START" button is greyed out, therefor I can not select "Start" and unable to continue. ALso if any links to an alternative drive would be appreciated (maybe its the driver I have tired epson 18174exe. and a couple of others). This is for an Epson XP-640

    • Hi Dan, it sounds like the software isn't detecting the printer connected from USB which can happen if the printer isn't in the correct firmware recovery mode. Make sure you are entering firmware mode for the 640 by pressing STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER. This is a different combo than XP-630. If your printer screen shows RED text then you are in the wrong update mode and the firmware won't work. It should show WHITE text after using the combo I just mentioned. At step 5 there should be a single entry under "Model Name" (might have a blank name) and it must be checked to continue. The firmware should work as others have had success with it and the 640.

      • I have a xp-640 and the Stop + left + Down + Power combination put it in update mode for me (after many attempts at other combinations). Not sure what IPL Update mode is for (I didn't need it for update) but I arrived at that screen with Stop + Right + Home + Power combination.
        After the firmware updated (I used NK10G8 or Epson 18174.exe) and screen showed FINISHED - I hit the OK button and it started up. I disabled the firmware notifications and checked my ink levels. All is good again! Thank you Mattpilz. I subscribed and liked your video!!

  17. Does anyone know where to safely download firmware JO10G3 for XP-330?

    I found a recovery download from Epson but it will not install to downgrade.

  18. Hi Matt,
    Thanks so much for the quick reply. I have done all the items you've mentioned. The Printer Unit is in update mode with WHITE text.
    It says EPSON PRINTER ROM Program UPdate Mode,,,NK04
    I also used a new USB cable to make sure that wasn't the issue. On the updater screen there is nothing all under Model Name. Any other ideas?

    • If you have access to a different computer or laptop I would recommend trying it on that to ensure there isn't just some odd driver conflict on your current PC. Also, make sure you have installed the full driver and combo package onto your computer and you can try restarting your computer again before connecting it in recovery mode - The combo package is at for the XP-640.

  19. Matt,
    Thank you so much for your help getting my XP-330 back to printing. I was sick thinking about the money lost on my full cartridges and then tossing my fairly new XP-330. (I find it difficult to succumb to blackmail) . You are correct in key sequence to get into printer update mode. The only additional step I needed to take was to remove the cartridges before getting into the update mode.
    Thanks again and kind regards.

  20. YES YES, thank you! As Constance said above, my XP-330 got back into shape after your hack. Epson makes me so mad but thankfully I found your page.

  21. Thank you!!! Your epson17757.exe firmware file and above guide saved my XP-330 from the recycle center. Epson's latest March 2018 firmware update screwed me over hard by rejecting all third party ink that I put into it. The epson17757.exe firmware actually works better than what I had before. The XP-330 used to complain about third party ink, but would still work. Now it doesn't even complain. From other Epson inkjet printer user's reviews I have been reading Epson seems to be the worst offender in trying to block users from using third party ink. Guess what brand I'm not buying anymore?

  22. Hi. I've got an Epson xp-345 printer and tried to downgrade but after I get into recovery mode I have no idea what to do next.
    I've downloaded older drivers but I think that them just for PC not for a printer.
    Please help and tell me how to resolve this problem.

    • Hi. The 345 should use the same firmware as the 340. Download the 2017 firmware from below (make sure to get PC if you are on Windows or Mac version if you are on a Mac):

      PC (Windows):

      Then simply follow the instructions in this guide. Make sure your printer is connected with USB to the PC and that the printer is in recovery mode (white text). If you see red text then you aren't in the correct recovery mode. If STOP + LEFT + HOME + POWER doesn't bring up the white text update screen, you can try instead with STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER.

  23. I have an xp-434. The first time it didn't work. Flashed the firmware again with ink out hit ok ok. Power off and back on took ink out back in and ok ok again. Third time it recognized the 3rd party cartridges again

    • Good to hear. I have found that certain types of ink are more touchy after a firmware downgrade until being fully removed and reset. I think these problems would be resolved if the ink is removed and then the printer is fully restarted in regular mode (so it prompts you to insert ink) before proceeding with the downgrade instructions.

  24. hi I have an xp-310 series trying to find out were i can find the firmnware to downgrade it so I can print! any help is appreciated!

    • Old firmware for XP-225 is difficult to find since it was never released in the US and the firmware wasn't ever made available on Epson's main website. The one you'd be after is UF18F3 (2015) but it may prove challenging. The WICReset utility claims to have this firmware available to downgrade for the XP-225 but that product also requires a license to downgrade, which is like $10-$18.

      The Feb. 2018 firmware for it is buried on an offsite page but they have a totally different file system than the main website so it's not feasible to find the old download link nor any older version of the download page.

  25. Hi Matt, thanks for this post!! We updated firmware only to find we had this problem (super annoying!) - and that the printer didn't come with the cable. So while getting the usb cable - I'm looking up how to downgrade the firmware.

    We're using a Mac. Please can you help with a link to the correct downgrade firmware for Mac OS? I saw a link above, but when I click on it ( it has a LIST and I'm unsure which one I need to click.

    Is it the one that says: Firmware Update For Mac OS- Recovery Mode version RM01G4 – Download (12.9 MB, Release Date: 09/21/16)?

    Don't need any further problems, so really appreciate your assistance!!

  26. Awesome site! Do you happen to know anything about other lines of printers? My Epson Artisan 1430 firmware was updated and now we can't use our aftermarket All Black ink for our screen printing shop. I have found directions (and purchased the WIC Reset program key) to try to fix this, but the button combination that they show for my printer does not boot the printer into recovery mode. Thanks

    • Unfortunately I'm not sure of the specific combo for that model. I had an Artisan 837 but it was very different and had a touch screen. The instructions offered by WIC Reset should be quite accurate from my experience. I would suggest try pressing the keys sequentially instead of all at once (so hold the first one in, before also holding in the second etc.) Otherwise you should reach out to their support for assistance. They have live support often at:

  27. p.s. sorry to cause any confusion. But I also found this link:

    In my previous comment the firmware dated back to 2016. But this current link offers firmware dated 2017.
    Firmware Update For Mac OS- Recovery Mode version SO10H8 – Download (17.1 MB, Release Date: 09/27/17)

    So my questions are:
    1) from the list of available downloads on those links -have I got the right one (e.g. firmware update for Mac OS- Recovery Mode)?
    2) WHICH one do I need to downgrade my xp440; firmware from 2016 OR firmware from 2017?


      • Hi Matt,
        Thank you SO much!!
        I finally got round to downgrading the firmware. I was dreading something going wrong and the printer sat packed in its box for a couple months. Finally got it out tonight and follow the steps and it all went smoothly - without a hitch!!

        Incidentally, I pressed STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER (on the printer) and it immediately went into recovery mode. Installed fairly quickly. Powered down. Powered back up - installed cartridges and no error message. I then cleaned the nozzles and did a print check. All in great working order again. I'm on a Mac so used this file:

        thanks again Matt!

        I laid out what I did in case anyone else having the Epson Expression Home XP440 finds themselves in the same predicament.

  28. I just downgraded the XP-640. After I downloaded the software, and put it in the program mode as per the instructions, it took about 5 seconds for the software to load into the printer. However, after it downloads, the power light of the printer blinks while it is updating. After the update, I got the regular screen. Everything went smoothly. Just be sure you don't over react after downloading the firmware and let the printer do its ting.

  29. Matt, My Epson XP-830 just updated the firmware and now, of course, my reman ink won't work. None of the instructions above don't address my issues ... namely, the process of getting into the downgrade process. No Start, Down Arrow other way to interfere with the regular boot process. I'm stumped.

  30. I left a message at the YouTube video. I have the exact situation as Emmitt except I'm XP-630. I'm certainly willing to toss this "#&@$ and put Epson with Canon on my "Forget It!" list but thought I'd check anyway. Matt, what you've done here and on YouTube is absolutely WONDERFUL! I know it takes time, but your efforts are so greatly appreciated (even if my printer is now beyond help).

  31. Thanks Matt this trick worked great for my XP-440 using the STOP,LEFT DOWN and POWER combo to get it into recovery mode. The firmware up date I used was from September of 2017. Epson and their scamming firmware update is what got me into this mess in the first place. To bad we as consumers have no recourse except to bitch to deaf uncaring ears at Epson or to completely abandon their products and shop else-ware. Thanks again Matt for your help. I will definitely not be doing any more firm ware any time soon.

  32. Does anyone have link to firmware downgrade for XP-245. Can't find it anywhere without paying for it. Thanks in advance

  33. OMG! THANK YOU - THANK YOU - Thank You. 🙂
    I was so pissed last night after updating and getting the msg that all of my ink cartridges were not recognized.

    Thanks again.

    • Hello Tracy, would you be so kind and post here the file if you still have it? I came too late, everything is removed.
      Thank you.

  34. Ohhhhhhhhhh Matt

    May you be safe an hour in Heaven 'fore the devil knows you are dead!
    My Epson XP-440 is now 'back in working order', thanks to you and your wonderful advice.
    I reverted back to September 2017 (From here:
    Firmware is just down the page a bit)
    .........................and the first thing it did after the 'reversion' was to tell me that 'new firmware is available for download'.
    You can bet I have that instruction on 'permanent ignore'! 🙂

    Thank you again!

    Pat Tietzen

    Epson XP-440 Firmware
    •Firmware Update For Windows – Recovery Mode version SO10H8 – Download (13.2 MB, Release Date: 09/27/17)

  35. Hi Matt - help, it was only on a Forum did I understand that the Firmware update was blocking cartridges after I bought another complete non-Epson cartridges having just removed my old previous working set. Of course the new set is not working. I am now following your instructions to go back to the old Firmware update - I have an XP-315 and after downloading the epson17753 firmware driver, the update seems to be happening on the computer window but then the Epson Printer FW Update Mode states FILE NOT FOUND. Any help would be appreciated before I lose the plot! Valerie

  36. Further to the above, I am now thinking perhaps the printer cable is not working and I have ordered a new one and will try your procedure once I have a new cable.

    • Hi Valerie. The problem is not your cable, but instead relates to the firmware version and your printer model. The XP-315 is a UK model that is not available in the USA and locating specific older firmware for it is much harder than US models. It is different than the XP-310 so that firmware will not work. You will need to obtain Firmware EJ18D4 from 2013. I do not have an easy to install version of that firmware personally. The WIC Reset tool purportedly has it in an easy to downgrade manner (but this is a paid solution and I cannot vouche for its service).

  37. I have an Epson XP-440 and can't find the right combination of keys to hit to get to the firmware screen. Any help???? I have the old firmware update to downgrade--just can't get to the screen

    • Hi Kelli. For the XP-440 you should use: STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER. Rest of the instructions should be the same as long as you use the XP-440 firmware.

  38. Thank you! Got my XP-640 working again. Relieved because when I first realized the generic ink cartridges would no longer work after the update, I had murderous thoughts of posting a video to YouTube of me smashing the printer to bits! Whew!

  39. Thank you very much, Matt, for posting this information. I followed your video and written instructions carefully several times on my Epson XP-630, and I'm still getting the same message. Is there a particular brand of 3rd-party cartridge that works better than another?

    • As long as the firmware has actually downgraded then any cartridge made in the past year should be adequate. Sometimes it is a bit finicky and will take several rounds of removing all the ink, restarting, restarting again, putting the ink back in, restarting finally kick back on and work with third party ink after the downgrade.

  40. Thank you very much, Matt. I feel like a bit of a doof. I was thinking that the printer was telling me to replace the large, black cartridge, but it was really telling me to replace the yellow one. Once I did that, it was fine.

  41. Re: XP-830 Is anyone else getting a "Downgraded (It cannot be updated)" message when the firmware install locates the printer? I've tried it with both USB and Ethernet cables. If I put the printer in recovery (press upper right corner and power button) the install program can't find the printer.

    Any ideas?

  42. The error message when in firmware recovery mode: "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer."

    • Hi Steve, this might be a case where something on your computer (drivers or software) is conflicting with the recovery process. I've seen a few have this same problem and most were able to resolve it by trying the process on another computer or laptop, preferably one without any Epson software installed.

  43. I have Epson XP-430 and am getting the same error, "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer."

    • Thanks for the update Mikhail, I have seen a few instances now where something was conflicting with the recovery process on the main computer so switching to a different one solved the problem. Happy you got it situated!

  44. Matt, Thank you for the posts. I have a UK model of XP-345 and followed the "Hi. The 345 should use the same firmware as the 340. Download the 2017 firmware from below (make sure to get PC if you are on Windows or Mac version if you are on a Mac):

    PC (Windows):" . It works through until final transfer where the printer display says " file not found".

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi Mark. The international models of Epson's printers are a lot more tricky due to the very obscure and specialized firmware distribution, and apparently it differs enough from the 340 firmware that it can't be detected for a proper downgrade. I do not have any specifically for the 345 and don't think you'll have much luck finding it anywhere online. I don't even think that the WIC Reset tool (which costs $20 per key) has it, they only have one for the XP-335 and that likely won't be compatible either. This might be an instance where it is more cost effective to find a different printer that still has old firmware or can be downgraded (I see XP series sell for $30 or less online and in thrift stores sometimes). Otherwise if you can't downgrade it'd cost more for one set of new ink than it would a replacement inkjet printer. Even new these type of printers rarely exceed $70.

  45. I have the XP-830. If you try to run the firmware updater with the printer on, you will experience the "Downgraded (It cannot be updated)" issue. First, you need to power off the printer and then turn it on in recovery mode (touch the upper right corner of the touchscreen while holding the power button). Once in recover mode, then you can run the firmware updater while connected via USB. After the update is completed, touch the center of the touchscreen to power off and then restart.

  46. Hi Matt, I tried both the 2016 and 2015 versions for my XP-630. Afrer considerable searching by the updater at Step 5 I get a message "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer", and no model name appears on the screen. I am in the correct update mode on the printer. Purchased a new male-to-male USB cable from Walmart for the task. Looks like the printer is not being seen. Any suggestions

    • Hi Fred, I have seen a few cases like this and typically it can be solved by performing the procedure from another computer or laptop. Sometimes there are driver conflicts or software that seems to interfere with the recovery mode operations. If you have another computer or can go to a friend's house with the printer you can try the process again on their computer, preferably one that never had any Epson software installed although usually that doesn't matter.

    • As a follow-up - make sure you have the printer connected to your computer via the Type A/B USB Printer cable that goes from the back of the printer (square USB port) to the computer, not from the front USB port. It never occurred to me that some might be using the wrong USB port, which will cause these types of problems, until Steve noted it below.

  47. Hi, I'm so hopping mad about this update! Have you got any advice for an Epson WorkForce WF-2630? I can't seem to find any advice and I'm going cross eyed down the internet rabbit hole! Thank you so much for keeping this blog!

  48. Hi Matt. I had an XP-330 and the downgrade worked great for it until the printer died. I just bought the XP-340 and I downloaded and installed the older firmware (epson19136.exe). I'm still getting the "Ink Not Recognized" error. I've tried several rounds of removing all the third party ink and restarting but I still get the error. Any suggestions?

  49. Got fucked by the firmware update on my WF-4720. Can't seem to find anything to solve the unrecognized cartridges problem on this model. If you can help, please reply! Damn corporations

  50. How frustrating this is. Cleared a separate Macbook of any epson Software (trashed the file in library, emptied trash, did a restart) tried this process on that laptop, same issue. If connected with USB of Ethernet, can't find the printer. If kept out of firmware update, unable to update.

    This feels like watching everyone else win a golden ticket and I'm sitting on the sideline with POS printer and a bunch of ink that won't work.

    Epson: When you feel like your not quite screwed enough!

  51. IT WORKED!!!!

    OK, all you XP-830 users, heres what I learned:

    1) the USB cable they are talking about IS NOT the front panel one, but the USB to PRINTER cable that connects in the back.

    2) Definitely try a puter that has no EPSON (Every Printer Screwed Over Now) soft/hardware.

    3) After you run the firmware update, at the end it says to wait for the printer to shut off. I waited... and waited... and waited... and then figured "Screw this" and unplugged the printer and replugged it. Came up fine running the old firmware.

    4) Goes without saying DO NOT UPDATE. (The funny/irritating thing-first error message is telling me there is a new firmware update. Yeah, EPSON, I'm aware).

    5) Go have a beer.

    Thanks to all, and especially you Matt, for this awesome resource. Now, if we could get a "People's Printer" crowd funded that only uses third party cartridges...

    • Thanks for the follow-up Steve, glad you got it working! I apologize for not clarifying that the necessary USB cable is indeed the Type A/B from the back of the printer to the computer. I guess I never even considered that there is also a front USB port that people might be trying. I bet others who have reported similar issues were also using the wrong USB port and cable. I will update my guide here to clarify. Someone else that I help with printers has an XP-810 and after one of the prior updates it now nags them once about unauthorized ink when replacing it, but still allows them to use it. It is a shame that 99% of Epson printers and their latest firmware updates instead block all printing until you fork over $100+ for new ink (or downgrade, which is still a process almost nobody knows about).

  52. Thank you so much for this guide! Some of the other websites I found while googling this problem said there was no fix if a firmware update was responsible--I am so glad I found your tutorial! Needless to say, I'm turning the auto-updater OFF.

  53. Thanks for the article Matt! I helped my dad with his Epson XP-830. This fix got it to the point where it would recognize the C, Y & B cartridges, but not the black PBK & XL. We flashed the firmware twice. Tried re-seating in different orders, but to no avail. Luckily, he has a Staples protection- so this printer is going back to the store.

  54. Thanks. My XP-640 is back in operation.
    Epson is of course the problem and my ink supplier is incompetent. I knew what needed to be done but had no clue how to find the firmware or the key sequence necessary. You filled in the gaps.

  55. Yes!!! I downgraded my firmware following the instructions on this page, which the @$%&^'s at Epson tech support said was impossible, and now my XP-830 is working again with the non Epson cartridges. The only problem I ran into was waiting long enough for the printer to shut off after installing the firmware, which takes about 5 minutes. Once it does, turn it on again and be amazed that all 5 of the cartridges are recognized. I didn't bother taking them out first, just downgraded with them installed. Thank you x 10 Matt, you truly made my day. (and my wife thinks I'm a genius for fixing the problem)

  56. Gerald, Don't know why your xp-830 says that. So, was it downgraded okay? If so, then your problem should be solved and believe me, you won't want to update ever again in the future anyhow.

  57. No it did not downgrade okay. Still not seeing my cartridges. They were working fine till Epson sneaked in the upgrade. Sounds like a class action suit needs made. They have downgraded them after the purchase (contract), everyone needs to bombard them with complaint. Maybe write our members of government to stop their import due to not complying with law allowing use of any compatible cartridge. Maybe that will wake them up!

  58. Worked fine for XP-640. Once successfully updated dialogue box appears, do not unplug the printer or turn it off manually. Leave it plugged and ON and give it about 30 seconds to turn off on its own, then you manually turn it back ON and you should be fine after that. THANKS, THIS HAS BEEN A BIG HELP.

  59. Hi Matt: I read all the posts and instructions but cannot get my XP-330 to go into recovery mode. I tried connecting USB A/B to the back, pulling all cartridges, shutting off then hitting STOP, LEFT, HOME AND START at once but always goes to boot then ink screen. Anything else I can do? If not, it's my last Epson........

    • Hi Howard, there must be something not quite right. It should be possible to boot into firmware recovery mode even without having the printer connected to anything but the wall. The correct combo is STOP + LEFT + HOME + POWER and you should start by holding STOP, then LEFT, then HOME and finally POWER so all are pressed at once in that sequence. You also should do this within 30 seconds of powering the printer off. After holding in this manner for 5-10 seconds it should boot to the white recovery screen. If it still does not work then all I can think of is that one of the required buttons has a fault on your printer and can't register a "hold" like it should. (If you do get to firmware mode, then you do need to have the USB cable from the back of the printer to the PC, not the front.) Here are the 330 firmwares as well, for reference.


  60. Thank you, Matt! I found your info on the xp-830 and got mine running again. I was very frustrated with myself for running the update. Should I stay away from software updates also?

  61. Oh my word, Thanks for the great info! Have an xp-446, but despite trying every possible combination to start in recovery mode, MULTIPLE times over the last few days, I can not start the printer in the firmware update mode. I can start it in the ipl update mode, but not the fw update mode. Any suggestions?

  62. Plunked down $20 to WIC Resetter for my XP-640 just before finding this post. Thanks, anyway. Matt, you are a lifesaver to many frustrated Epson users.

  63. I have a Epson Artisan 725 WF-2530 Series. I attempted to two different of downloads with no success. My first attempt indicated that it could locate the printer update file. Do you have solutions for those of us non XP users, but are WF users?

  64. Kudos to you Matt!

    You made my printer from a brick to a printer again! Highest praise for you posting this, it rescued my XP-640.

    Curses to you Epson!

    You made my printer a brick from a working printer. I will NEVER BUY AN EPSON PRODUCT ever again, and I will tell at least 10 people that I know who are fresh from college looking for printers to never buy an Epson. Despicable!

  65. Mat: Thanks for the info and the specified drivers. I stumbled through the process but finally got the XP-640 to print again after some false starts. Like other folks, I was about to throw this pos in the trash. I cannot fathom what the folks at Epson were thinking with this upgrade. The backlash should speak volumes to Epson management. A lot of folks just will never purchase another Epson product, ever. I had a two sets of replacement ink cartridges and gave it one last try and it worked.

    I will not buy another Epson printer but have the XP-640 working for now.
    Super thanks for your post.

  66. Add me to the list of people who appreciate you figuring this out and sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world. I had only used Epson cartridges in my XP-630 and then bought some during a flurry of Amazon purchases a few months ago. I tried installing it tonight and I got the dreaded error message. Did some searching, found this page, found a FireWire cable and I am back in business. Thanks.

  67. Thanks Matt, my XP-640 is working again.
    As Jim said on July 22 - I had to take a brandnew set of cartridges after the downgrade, because the ones I had used before obviously had some "stamp" on their chips which made them unusable.
    Again thanks a lot!

    • Hi the 830 firmware will not work , I have tried. I have tried also the firmware for 2014 and 2016

      2014 MB28E8 version 13.48
      2016 MB22G4 version 13.45
      they are all not working on the xp-800

      I have tried looking for the 2013 MB09D5 I have not been able to get it.
      Please if someone has it you cold help me wit the link

  68. i have xp-430 and ive tried all of the above i can get the printet to say program update mode
    then under that it reads IPLJ the writing is white but when try to downgrade it says USB unknown
    any advice would be greatly appreciated


    • I have the same printer. Please make sure you have the squarish "B" style USB connected between the computer and the printer. I used the MO10G3 firmware version that I found from a Google search. Worked great.

  69. Hi Matt,

    I'm using an Epson XP-640 printer. The non-Epson cartridges have been accepted until recently when trouble started an various cartridges were refused. I followed th instructions and managed to downgrade the the firmware as described.
    However, one cartridge which had been recognized before and is not empty is not recognized by the printer...
    Any idea what could be behind that ?

  70. I can't find any info about my ex 540 anywhere, I'm in UK and I am desperate now. any help would be much appreciated x

    • Hi Deb, the international models of these printers like the 540 are more tricky since the firmware is not readily available for download for Windows platforms. If you have access to a MAC computer, I did find this firmware for the XP-540 from 2016 that is your best chance at downgrading:

      NL10G8 (October 12, 2016) -

      The combo to get into firmware update mode should be STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER, but could also be STOP + LEFT + HOME + POWER.

  71. Awesome, when I first got the unrecognized printer cartridge error, I knew this was the nefarious work of the printer ink monopolies!! I suspected after having set up another desktop to run the XP440 printer and basically bricking the printer, that the fix would be to downgrade the firmware. After several hours and multiple websites including You Tube, I was able to resolve this Hijacking. I run and HP and Epson and I refuse to pay ransom to keep them running!! Thanks Matt, the following post is what finally did the trick.


    Use the STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER combo to get into recovery mode. Good luck!

  72. After having done this I'm not able to connect wireless. I was able to connect the printer to my wireless router, but when I try to send to the printer from a laptop or the desktop I used to reload firmware through a USB printer cable, I get the printer is offline message.What can I safely do to get the wireless connection back w/o downloading a version of the Epson software that will bring me back to the unrecognized cartridge brick. Thanks.

    • If you go to Start and search: "printers" then select "Devices and Printers" you will be able to see which ones appear as online (solid) or offline (transparent). See if there is a different entry for the Epson that is active and may say "Network" next to it, that is the one you'll want to select from the printer drop-down as it may be defaulting to the USB entry instead. To make that your default again right-click on it in the Devices and Printers and select "Set as default printer."

      In some instances you may need to reinstall the printer driver/software which is safe to do as long as you UNCHECK "firmware" update on any Epson Update screen that shows up after you install. You should also be able to disable the firmware check on the printer itself from Setup > Firmware Update > Notification > Off - but this isn't available on all models.

      Finally, make sure that the WiFi is properly established on the printer by going to Setup > Network Settings > Network Status.

  73. Awesome, the solution suggestion and the firmware load link to NK10G8 for XP-640 work for me. I could successfully bring my XP-640 back to the version that support 3rd party compatible cartridges.

    Just to share the combination keys that work to put XP-640 in service mode for program load update/downgrade is


    instead of the one "STOP+LEFT+HOME+POWER" for XP-630 show in the video.

  74. After following posted directions to downgrade firmware on Epson XP-330 after reboot I'm now
    stuck in recovery mode. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi, that suggests the firmware update did not complete successfully. You can attempt it again (make sure you have the printer plugged into your computer using the printer's back USB port). Make sure to wait until the notice reads successful before powering it off or rebooting. If you are still stuck then you may have to try the latest firmware from Epson to get it back to normal boot mode, the latest is from June 2018 - - Assuming you can get back to regular you can then attempt the process again with an older firmware.

  75. Hi the 830 firmware will not work , I have tried. I have tried also the firmware for 2014 and 2016

    2014 MB28E8 version 13.48
    2016 MB22G4 version 13.45
    they are all not working on the xp-800

    I have tried looking for the 2013 MB09D5 I have not been able to get it.
    Please if someone has it you cold help me wit the link

      • I'm not certain why you are not having success especially with either MB22G4 (2016) or MB28E8 (2014). One possible alternate technique to get into firwmare update mode on the 800 series is to power it off, then within a few seconds after powering it down hold DOWN ARROW and POWER. When the POWER button comes on then you can release the buttons and it should read "Program Update Mode."

    • I have this printer, and none of those button combos will start me up in 'recovery mode'. i just get the regular start up screen ...then it gives the the cartridges not installed warning right away. Please help...

  76. I'm SOOOOO pissed off at Epson. Matt, thanks for doing this. Do you have any solution that'd help with an Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720 connected to a Mac? Thanks!

    • Hi Joe, sorry for the delayed response. For that WorkForce model you should be able to get into IPL/Firmware update mode in the same manner as the XP-800 series. Power the printer off. Hold the TOP-RIGHT corner of the TOUCH SCREEN. While holding that area, also press and hold the POWER button for several seconds until the screen lights up into update mode (white text). The harder part will be finding old firmware for that model (CL26H9) as Epson has removed it from their public sites including a link that used to be valid on their Japan URL (and I have no copy myself). A couple of the paid firmware downgrade solutions do claim to have that firmware backed up, but I can't vouch for their services.

      • Hello Matt, thanks for creating this resource. I'm in the midst of trying to downgrade my firmware for the WorkForce Pro WF-3720. I managed to find the old firmware (I think), but can't seem to get into recovery mode. I've tried pressing two different spots in conjunction with the power button (as directed on some other websites), but both areas lead to the red text/IPL mode. Do you have any suggestions for another way to get into recovery mode?

  77. Could not get any combo of codes to work, so I asked manufacturer. Much to my amazement, this worked, and in 5 minutes I was back up.
    I could not get pics to post, but the carbon band is a small black strip just to the right of the upper right circle on cartridge copper contacter surface.

    Thank you for contacting us. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    Since Epson upgraded printer to reject the third party compatible ink cartridges. Here our quality department provided some tips to resolve this issue.

    Please follow the troubleshooting as below:
    1. Find the carbon film band on the upper right corner of chip.
    2. Scrape the carbon film band with a sharp knife or similar item. (a box cutter or scalpel is the preferred tool to use)
    3. Install the cartridge into the printer and check if it can be recognized.
    Be careful not to hurt yourself.
    (More details please find the attachment picture)

    If these steps still cannot address your issue, we will issue Full Refund to compensate your loss. Please reply to us and let us know if it works for you.

    3 Attachments

  78. Worked great on my epson 330! Way to go! Thanks so much. Had to print something for next day and my printer wouldn't take any of my new ink I had purchased. Firmware downgrade did the trick. Just great!!!

    • Hi Daren, the XP-245 is one of the obscure "international" models that was never available in the USA and hasn't had firmware readily available for download. Even on the UK/Europe Epson site they don't directly provide firmware updates, unlike the USA models. I'm afraid you won't have any luck finding older firmware for it. Even the dedicated "reset" tools that cost money seem to only support up to the XP-235 to my knowledge. My advice would be to stop any future firmware updates and in time you should be able to find new re-manufactured ink that is compatible with the current firmware version, but you will need to check with the ink supplier to be sure.

  79. I've seen a lot of successful downgrade reports for XP-330 but it was couple of fail reports.
    I used the firmware for XP-330 on the links behind, I went throughout all the steps for my XP-330, and it was reported on the correct firmware update (downgrade), but the Printer still reports, that cartridges are installed incorrectly. What might be a mistake during downgrade process?

    I've read the Printhelp instruction with "magic" codes, which you have to pay for to downgrade the firmware. Are they using the same recover mode firmware?


    • In rare cases it can take several full reboots of the printer without any ink in and then with it in for it to detect as correct. You could try removing all of the ink when it is powered on, then power it off and on again so it prompts you to insert the ink. Power it off again and on again without any ink in. Then power off again and reapply the firmware downgrade. Power it back on (still without any ink in) then back off and finally put the ink in and power it up again. Below is firmware that has worked for others:

      XP-330 (Windows - JO10G3):
      XP-330 (Mac - JO10G3):

      If that still does not help then it is possible the ink cartridges you use are designed more poorly than many and so still aren't able to get past even that older firmware. In that case trying a different brand of ink may help.

      • Hi Matt.

        Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention, my Epson XP-330 is equipped with non original CIS. The cartridges of the CIS don't have any contacts or chips, just plastic cases with latches. I install them till they click into the carriage . May it be the reason why printer still shows the W-12 error message even if I downgrade the firmware?

  80. Dude you rock! My wife innocently did the update and froze the printer. I figured I was on my way to the store for a new one. Again. But you brought my 830 back to life.

    BTW can you add copy the xp830 driver link from the comments to the top please. That'd help!

  81. Thank you Matt! I also let my XP-640 update and received the Ink issue. Your instructions were spot on and you are the man! Many thanks to generous folks like yourself that help us all through the little headaches in life.

  82. Thanks!!! This worked for my XP-830, however I did have a couple issues (user error). The first time I tried it, the printer booted into the IPL mode with red text. When it's in this mode, the Software Updater just sits at 63% forever. I then unplugged the printer and plugged it back in and tried the process again this time getting the white text. The software update seemed to work, however I think I was too impatient to wait for the printer to shut down on it's own and I unplugged it too soon....Nothing damaged or corrupted fortunately, but I had to start over.
    The 3rd time was the charm...and I waited for about 10 min before pressing the power button this time to restart the printer.
    New 3rd party cartridge is working just fine now 🙂
    Thank you for all your comments and helpful tips 🙂

  83. I have the XP-830. Cannot get pass the IPL mode in red text and it sits there in 63% continuously. Tried unplugging several times. I will never buy another EPSON. Any suggestion? I'm frustrated at 3 hrs trying to get this to work.

    • Hi, the proper update mode will be WHITE TEXT. I recently downgraded an XP-830 successfully - hold TOP-RIGHT of touch screen when off, then hold in power. Hold them both for some amount of time and then release. It may take several attempts or holding POWER off and on (some report they have to press it up to three times while holding in the top-right of touch screen). Eventually you should be able to get to the white screen update mode, whereby the XP-830 firmware NP18G3 will work:

      XP-830 (Windows - NP18G3):
      XP-830 (Mac - NP18G3):

      You can check the tip from this comment as well.

  84. Like going to the doctor. After attempting to seek help, you feel better or in this instance, find the solution. Press down the upper right screen corner and click the power button 3 times. This finally worked for me after discovering a different YouTube video which was very difficult to decipher because the gentlemen spoke entirely too quickly.

    You must have the white writing Program Update Mode in screen. The transfer should only take a minute or less.
    .....AND IT WORKED! Thank you everyone of the forum !

  85. Hi, does anyone have any old firmware for XP-205 207? I also updated the firmware and now the printer won't work. I googled a lot but couldn't find any firmware for the printer. Here I've seen so many people that are satisfied with your method. So maybe you someone could help me also?
    thanks in advance.

  86. Dear Matt,

    I recently bought xp-830 but couldn't make the downgrade although I carefully followed the procedure proved by many other xp-830 owners here.

    I was able to successfully get into so called recovery mode by doing POWER + UPPER_RIGHT_CORNER combination. The exact screen message was as follows:

    Program Update Mode


    With USB cable connected, I ran (it says its version is 13.27.NP18F8 at step 5 of the updater screen), click "start"... a short pause at 63%... and then quickly done to 100%!! Uh.. but on the touch screen I got a strange "ROM IS NOT WRITABLE" message as below instead of "Finish" or something indicating success of downgrade... with the power button blinking forever...

    Program Update Mode

    After this, I got totally trapped in this limbo state.. was not able to get out of it like, I turn off by touching the center of the screen, pushing power button gets the screen back to a bit different recovery mode (neither "Program Update Mode" nor "ROM" I see though similar black screen as follows).. firmware downgrade fails with "ROM IS NOT WRITABLE".. again and again and again...

    Recovery Mode

    I was in panic for about an hour by being stuck in this mode... until I tried the official firmware version at ... Yes, somehow magically the installation went through perfect but only with this official firmware.

    I now got my xp-830 back but left failed downgrading the firmware. I have no idea why I am not able to downgrade that all others were able to in contrast. My speculation is that my xp-830 I recently bought (early Sept.) is with the latest firmware (which is the same as what I downloaded from the site) which is programmed to be downgraded.. maybe..

    Please help..!

  87. A long story I commented blown away somehow.. let me get that quick at this time.

    In short, I couldn't make the firmware downgrade for my xp830 with . Somehow, I constantly get "ROM IS NOT WRITABLE" message instead of success from repeated trials.. I've been stuck in this state for quite long until I installed the latest official firmware (NP08I5) from

    No idea why I am not able to downgrade while all others in this thread succeeded. Please help!!!

    • Hi Jake, sorry your messages got trapped in a moderation filter last night but they are here now. The update screen you described is correct (and it should be in WHITE text). That older firmware should also be correct and is the same version many have had success with. Typically that error message indicates some other process is interfering with the printer at the time the ROM is attempting to be updated. I don't think it relates to anything Epson has changed, but could be a conflict between your PC and the printer due to drivers or software. My recommendation would be to try the downgrade process from a different PC or laptop, if you have one available or can have a friend bring one over. Preferably one that doesn't have any Epson software installed. Make sure the USB cable is a printer style that runs from the back of the printer to the PC USB port. Also power off the printer for a few minutes when disconnected from USB and then power it back on before connecting again to ensure no internal issue is causing it. Finally, here are firmware versions that have worked for others, I guess the Windows one is what you've already tried but there is a different Mac version that is slightly older:

      XP-830 (NP18F8 - Windows):
      XP-830 (NP18G3 - Mac):

  88. Thanks soooo much Matt! My 440 was not accepting remanf carts, so I tried your instructions. I'd like to also say that if you are trying different codes to get to recovery mode, I found that unpluging printer from AC helped before I tried another option. Also make sure to press the buttons in the order given, NOT all at the same time, as some other sites said. The download file worked for me, whereas some of the other ones didn't. Also, don't forget to click on the button when the downloader pops that up (it's before the printer is finished). Printer will say "Complete" when it is done, even tho the power light still flashes. And I had to remove & replace a couple cartridges a couple times before they all were accepted. Glad we don't have to put up with this piece of bullshit from big companies! Take care,

    • Glad this helped David and thanks for the added tips! What is crazy is that Epson continues to issue the same canned response to everyone who complains about this by claiming "it is not possible to downgrade Epson firmware and you can only use official ink with it." (Paraphrased but you will see similar response to all the negative reviews on Amazon.) All of their printers have taken a major hit review-wise on Amazon, Consumer Reports and other sites since January when they began such an aggressive tactic to kill off third party manufacturers. Yet for every one person that figures out how to downgrade the firmware, I am sure there are tens of thousands that resort back to buying Epson's $100+ ink packs because they are told it is impossible.

  89. Matt! Thank you so much! I downloaded Epson's update a little over two months ago and haven't been able to use my printer since. It was very frustrating. But thanks to your instructions here, it was a very simple and easy fix for my Epson 330 (for those reading, Matt posted the specific download necessary for the Epson 330 printer in response to another person's comments)! Thank you!

    • Glad it helped, Jesse! At some point when I have a little more time I will update the original post to include a full table of old firmware links for a much wider range of Epson printers so people don't have to hunt through comments or visit unknown websites.

    • Hi Petrina, that is unusual. Make sure you are using the correct printer USB cable from the back of the printer to the PC (like this - sometimes people have tried to use a standard USB cable in the front or side of the printer and that won't work.

      Assuming that is correct, I really could only recommend trying it on any other PC or Mac you may have access to. Even if a friend would have a laptop they could let you borrow just to downgrade the firmware, that is what some have done in the past as a simple solution. Seems certain machines have some driver conflicts that prevent successful downgrade but it works fine on other computers. Good luck.

  90. I have a fairly new XP-440 that just ran out of yellow. I tried one of my non-OEM inks and nothing. I've never updated the firmware so I must've had it like that from the go :/ None of these downgrades work, on the PC or MAC. Weighing my options...

  91. Dear Matt,
    Could you please advise if you have any suitable firmware except the JO10G3 for the XP-330?
    Seems my XP-330 printer has to have the chipless firmware to support the non original CIS cartridges.

  92. I have an XP-340. I have no problem connecting the printer and putting it into FW update mode. The problem is, I cannot locate a compatible driver other than the new one on the Epson website. Similar printer drivers XP-310/20/330 do not work. Any help? MM

  93. OK. Crisis averted. for all you XP-340 folks... here is a link to where there is a non-current 2017 firmware download.

    To enter the firmware update mode on this model, with the power off the buttons you hold down simultaneously are (STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER).

    Printer works great again with aftermarket ink cartridges. Thank you to the host of this website. Couldn't have done it without the guidance of these posts.


  94. I wonder if someone (Epson?*?) has hacked the fix for the XP-830 NP18G3 firmware update. I've tried Matt's instructions from Amazon a few times and also tried the link in the thread above. All times when the upload is complete, it's a version named NP18F8, and when doing the update, it says it's a fix for paper handling.

  95. I have an epson xp 830 and I followed all of your instructions about the firmware and after holding the power button and the upper right hand corner of the screen i get a message in red and the only way to get rid of it is to unplug the power and power on again. I tried it several times and got the same red message not firmware update message. I had removed the ink cartridge and had the usb cable plugged in as instructed. Is there another way to get this to work?

    • Hi. The firmware update screen will be white text, not red. Try the following in this same order: 1.) Power the printer off. 2.) Press and hold in the TOP-RIGHT of the touch screen. 3.) Press and hold the POWER button. 4.) Keep holding both of these buttons until you see the HOME button light up (this may take 10-20 seconds). 5.) Release the TOP-RIGHT finger. 6.) Release the POWER finger. It should then appear in white text and be in proper firmware update mode.

      • Hi Matt. I tried it in exactly the order that you said and even closed the output tray in case that was hampering the process but I got the same message it says in Red Epson Printer ROM IPL update mode np 04 I was very careful to follow your instructions completely and I tried this several times with he same result Any ideas? It is interesting that i still get messages saying that the firmware needs to be updated though.

        • I know this is late but just want to put it out there for anyone else. Had the same issue with red text on the XP-830. The red text display seems to be only a notification of the firmware version and the white text is for the upgrading. Anyway you need to press the power button 3 times and then hold all while pressing and holding the upper corner of the display. It should come up then. It did for me.

    • Hi Sandra, for the 440 you'll want to make sure you are entering the correct firmware update mode as it has a different key combination than many others. Press STOP, LEFT ARROW, DOWN ARROW and POWER. The screen that appears should have white text. If you get a screen with red text it will not work.

  96. My xp- finally got into recovery mode by using RIGHT arrow (NOT the left arrow) along with the stop, home, and power buttons. However, the firmware stops at 54% every single time and won't move forward. Tried downloading and installing about 10 different times. any tips? At my wit's end

    • I'm not sure what model your printer is, but if the screen you get comes up in red text instead of white you are in the wrong update mode. Most printer models have two different types of recovery/update screens, pressing the right arrow instead of the left (on the 600-series) will probably bring up the red text version that will cause the failure you mention.

  97. Hi Matt, many thanks from Holland.
    Got the notification about firmware update for quite some time already. However, never did the update, as the printer (XP-830) worked fine, and I already had a hunch it might have something to do with thitd-party ink...
    Just googled (curiosity) and came on your site to find out my foreboding was right!
    I also found the tip to switch off the notification (in Dutch: Instellen - Firmware-update - Melding - Uit).
    So, thank you! You're doing a great job sharing this with the world...

  98. Nothing, nothing, nothing works for me.
    -Epson XP-432 Expression HOme
    I downloaded every single one of them.
    Did exactly what was.
    A continuous "File Is Not Found" message on every single downgrade firmware app.
    What 'on earth' is going wrong?
    I even switched off my Firewall to see if that was the case. Offcourse I switched it on again.

    Please help!

    • Hi Monique,

      The firmware below should be correct (MO10G3 for Windows or MO22G6 for MacOS). Make sure when you are in recovery mode that it shows WHITE TEXT on the screen, as some key combinations can instead result in RED TEXT that won't allow these updates to go through.

      Windows (MO10G3) -
      MacOS (MO22G6) -

      If this still fails, my recommendation would be to try a different computer or laptop as sometimes there can be driver conflicts or other issues that disrupt the transfer. Make sure the USB printer cable goes from the back of the printer to the PC and is the proper printer cable type.

  99. Hi Matt,
    I have an Epson XP-425 printer and it does not recognize generic cartridges. I installed the downgrade "epson379693eu" that corresponds to version 16.5D.UM03EA but it has not worked ... I guess I should get older firmware like UM01E8 or UM02E9. Could you help me. Thank you.

    • Hi Charles, the 425 is another one of those "international models" by Epson that never had its firmware widely distributed outside of Epson's own website. Once they replaced it there it became pretty much impossible to find elsewhere. Some of the paid downgrade solutions like WIC Reset Utility do have a copy of both UM01E8 and UM02E9 but I don't know of any online source that has a copy of it. Technically it might still be floating around Epson's Europe file server but their random naming convention makes it impossible to track down since there are many thousands of files with no context.

  100. Thank you very much for the information. I think I have no choice but to try the downgrade with a paid program ... although I also think I can look for an eeprom of an Epson XP-425 with the original firmware and make a copy ... if someone wants to lend me theirs 🙂 ... again thank you very much and congratulations for the excellent blog. Greetings.

  101. Help using my Windows 7 64 Bit OS or my Windows 10 32 Bit or Machines the Install for the Firmware Update For Windows – Recovery Mode version NP18G3 – Download (16.25 MB, Release Date: 06/07/15) will only go up to 2/3 of the way and the stops. i let it run for 30 minutes and nothing happens. The Printer dimply for my XP-830 in recover mode has Epson Printer ROM IPL Update Mode NP03 displayed

  102. Help using my Windows 7 64 Bit OS or my Windows 10 32 Bit or Machines the Install for the Firmware Update For Windows – Recovery Mode version NP18G3 – Download (16.25 MB, Release Date: 06/07/15) will only go up to 2/3 of the way and the stops. i let it run for 30 minutes and nothing happens. The Printer dimply for my XP-830 in recover mode has Epson Printer ROM IPL Update Mode NP03 displayed.

    Note I am logged in into my wife's machine that is the picture you see I don't look that way at all. LOL

  103. Screenshot Link to what the install app is showing!AnKPDz66_1muljd0tAZUX2ieY_ai - Help using my Windows 7 64 Bit OS or my Windows 10 32 Bit or Machines the Install for the Firmware Update For Windows – Recovery Mode version NP18G3 – Download (16.25 MB, Release Date: 06/07/15) will only go up to 2/3 of the way and the stops. i let it run for 30 minutes and nothing happens. The Printer dimply for my XP-830 in recover mode has Epson Printer ROM IPL Update Mode NP03 displayed.

    Note I am logged in into my wife's machine that is the picture you see I don't look that way at all. LOL

    • Hi Guido, is the text on the printer RED or WHITE? If it is RED you are entering the wrong mode which can cause this behavior. Here is the process I use for success in the 800-830 series you can try more specifically:

      1.) Power the printer off. 2.) Press and hold in the TOP-RIGHT of the touch screen. 3.) Press and hold the POWER button. 4.) Keep holding both of these buttons until you see the HOME button light up (this may take 10-20 seconds). 5.) Release the TOP-RIGHT finger. 6.) Release the POWER finger. It should then appear in white text and be in proper firmware update mode.

  104. Unfortunate Epson is on to us I am in the correct mode now but after running the epson17294 the program finished but on the printer screen showed the error RON not writable appeared so I download the FW_NP08I5 ran it no issues everything worked just fine. So I when back and ran epson17294 it looked good on the PC screen but same thing on the printer screen RON not writable. Any Idea on what to to do please.

  105. Let's try again: Unfortunately, Epson is on to us. I am in the correct mode now, but after running the epson17294, the program finished, but on the printer screen showed the error ROM not writable appeared so I download the FW_NP08I5 ran it, no issues everything worked just fine. So I went back and ran epson17294 it looked good on the PC screen, but same thing on the printer screen ROM not writable. Any Idea on what to to do please. I got to get new glass:)

  106. Hi Matt,
    my Epson XP-422 (Milan, Italy; such in the front panel, but declaring itself an XP-422 423 425 Series in its driver) has suddenly stopped to print the cyan, regardless the cartdridges I load (compatible, not original Epson). This happened exactly 3 years after the purchase (Oct 2015).
    I'm trying to downgrade the firmware, to reset the elapsed printing time, and downloded the SM07G4 firmware you supply (the closest to my model). It goes into to printer correctly, but its display shows a final "FILE NOT FOUND" message, and after that, the printer (Off-On) has the same behaviour as before. No head cleaning fixes the issue. Any hint?

    • Hi Marco, that problem with the Cyan seems definitely related to upgrading the firmware, as sometimes it will only block certain cartridges even if they are all from the same manufacturer. Unfortunately the 422 is an "international model" that does not have readily available firmware online to downgrade. You would be looking for firmware UM01E8 or UM02E9 specific to the 422 series. I do know that at least one paid product indicates they have the firmware downgrade available (WIC Reset Utility) but I can't promise it will be successful for you as I have never used their service. You could try the "scratch" method at the bottom of my instructions as an alternative with that cartridge to see if that helps or not.

    • Hi Gokhan, sorry to hear that. Sometimes it can be a bit stubborn and require a few full power cycles with the ink out and then back in to take affect and work after downgrading. You could try the process again but first remove all of the ink when powered on, then power off and back on so it prompts you to install ink and then power off again (without putting the ink in). Then downgrade the firmware and boot it back up WITHOUT the ink in, and do this a couple times before actually installing the ink.

      If that doesn't work it is possible something is still astray with those particular cartridges assuming the downgrade was successful. The 810 firmware that has worked for me is: (Windows) and (MacOS). You could try the "cartridge carbon band scratch off" alternative method I describe at bottom of this tutorial if the cartridges are still not working.

  107. Hi Matt,
    the end of the sad story of my XP-422 seems to be as follows:
    - the printer, after two failed downgrade trials, is now no longer booting correctly;
    - it either goes in the SP Mode menu, with 5 useless tests to do, and no way to quit
    - or it (seldom, by repeatedly pressing Stop-Left-Home-Power) goes in the
    "EPSON PRINTER ROM - Program Update Mode - IPLI" menu, but...
    - I cannot find the two firmwares you mention (UM01E8 or UM02E9) for free*, so... FINISH! 🙁
    * Only WIC Reset offers them, as you say, for some 10 euros, but they do not answer
    to my question "Can you please grant that this will work?".
    Any miracle? 🙂

  108. Heyy

    Epson Expression Home XP-432

    I am trying to downgrade and followed the steps required but it says

    Program Update Mode

    I have the Downloaded files in a folder and using MAC OS link and have tried it on Windows link too

  109. Buenas tardes Matt, yo tengo una Epson xp modelo 332, pero parece que este modelo no lo encuentro por ningún lado, En pantalla LCD especifica EPSON PRINTER Recovery Mode, ¿Alguna solución al respecto? Gracias

    • El XP-332 es un "modelo internacional" y el firmware no está fácilmente disponible. Algunas de las aplicaciones de restablecimiento pagadas afirman tener el antiguo firmware disponible (JE24F8), como - Pero esto costará dinero por una llave para bajar de categoría. En su lugar, podría probar el método de raspado de carbono que describo al final de la entrada del blog.

  110. Un saludo
    Definitivamente me puse en contacto con el soporte de Epson y comente el problema de que actualizándose el firmware se quedo colgado, y vía email me mandaron un enlace descarga..Actualice y va de nuevo perfecta.

  111. Thank you guys for you're amazing work helping all of us with these step by step tutorials and for taking your time to put them out there for us to use. Much appreciate it!!

  112. Worked for my XP-830. To bring up maintenance mode, I had to hold upper-right corner of the screen and the power button down for 15 seconds. I tried several times with 3-5 seconds unsuccessfully.

    When it finished, it said "Finished" on the screen and the power button was flashing rapidly. I tried holding down the power button and upper right corner of screen to power off - no workee. Unplugged it, counted to 15, plugged it in, powered up fine. Installed my new non-Epson cartridge and it works fine.

    Other alternatives on the internet require up to $20 for software and a key to do this.

    Matt: Thanks a MILLION!

  113. Hi imm from Germany and unfortunately it doesnt work for the SX430W. I tried it with a mac and a windows pc and everytime the Printer says File not found ;(

  114. Excellent! My XP434 repair worked perfectly, could have been the model for the video. Thank you for your wisdom and experience. Saving the little guy $$$$$$$.

  115. Do you know if this will work for a Workforce WF-3620? I've been searching for the firmware but having a hard time. Can't wait to be part of a class action suit! Thank you for helping so many people!

  116. Hey is anyone know about file for XP 452 found my self-struggling here would love for help to recognize ink I try to downgrade with other XP series as I couldn't find my type of printer xp 452 it makes transfer but on the printer shows file not found and no change about the ink, if anyone can link the right file please

    • Sorry, the XP-452 is one of the "international models" of Epson printers that does not have easily accessible firmware online, as it was never available in the USA and its drivers never published through Epson's website. I don't think even the paid options to downgrade firmware support the XP-452. If you would like to support third party ink and the printer firmware has already been upgraded your best option would be to look for a standard model Epson printer possibly online through eBay or such.

  117. SO glad to have found this site, you are doing THE LORD OF PRINTERS' work. What actually has worked for me was scraping the cartridges with an Xacto knife like your picture shows... I missed scraping one of them thoroughly and it was the only one it kept rejecting after I took all cartridges out and turned on/off the printer. My non-OEM carts didnt look -exactly- like the photo shown but there was a gray film/covering i could scrape until I saw some gold dots. Hope this helps someone else who might be struggling. I have an Epson XP-830. Beautiful prints, HORRIBLE MANUFACTER!

  118. Thanks, Matt! This worked for my XP-440. I was able to replace 3 out of 4 cartridges with third party cartridges and no complaints from the firmware. So far, so good!

    • Hi Max, the 355 is an international model and requires a different firmware that isn't readily available online (XD18E8). The WIC Reset utility claims to have that firmware and supports downgrading, but that is a paid product that requires a software key before you can get that firmware.

  119. Hello Matt
    A few days ago I discovered your great help site for Epson printers. After reading everything about the model XP-640 I performed several maneuvers without achieving success.
    Being from France is a model "UE" and cartridges "33". I use refillable cartridges from China and Windows.
    Is the "epson 18174" file compatible to demote the firm.
    Thank you in advance for your answer

    • Hi Daniel, if your printer model is specifically an XP-640 then the instructions should still work along with firmware - however if the model is a slightly off-number then it represents the international model that generally uses different firmware not readily available online.

      In any case you should still be able to boot into firmware recovery mode which will show white text on the printer screen. STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER. If you can get to recovery mode but then get a File Not Found or other error when trying to transfer the firmware then you must have an international model that is incompatible with the standard 640 firmware.

  120. Matt,

    Just did this fix on my XP-640. It worked flawlessly. I cannot thank you enough. BTW, when I contacted Epson after the printer rejected my 3rd party cartridges, they said that my printer must use Epson ink, even though I had been using 3rd party for several replacements. They also said that the firmware, once updated, could not be reversed. Needless to say, when I replace this printer, it wont be an Epson. thanks again.

    • That has been Epson's canned response since January. Every time someone leaves a negative review (and there have been thousands) or contacts them they just claim their printers don't support third party ink or firmware downgrades. Their conduct has definitely turned away most long-time customers who are now expected to spend $100+ for ink that'd otherwise cost them $15-20. I used to always recommend Epson to all of the clients I work with but they are now at the bottom of my list, although most of the major manufacturers have pulled similar tactics to get people to buy their overpriced ink.

      I predict that new Epson models will actually prevent firmware downgrades so they can retain monopoly on ink.

  121. merci de votre réponse. Bien sur j'avais tenté les manœuvres:
    - STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER et
    pas d'effet ..
    STOP + LEFT + Home + POWER.
    imprimante bloquée

    • Unfortunately there are some "international" models of Epson printers that never had their firmware readily available online or at least not archived anywhere. This includes many with sub-model numbers including 352, 442, 422, 325, 245, 345, etc... Not even the paid solutions generally offer the firmware for these models. Basically if you search for your printer on Google and see the top site is "" or "" or "" instead of the basic "" then you have an international model. In these cases without readily available firmware, you can still try the "scratch off" method I describe at the bottom of my tutorial to fix third party ink. If that fails then it may be more cost-effective just to purchase a different printer that supports firmware downgrades and third party ink.

    • Unfortunately there are some "international" models of Epson printers that never had their firmware readily available online or at least not archived anywhere. This includes many with sub-model numbers including 435, 352, 442, 422, 325, 245, 345, etc... Not even the paid solutions generally offer the firmware for these models. Basically if you search for your printer on Google and see the top site is "" or "" or "" instead of the basic "" then you have an international model. In these cases without readily available firmware, you can still try the "scratch off" method I describe at the bottom of my tutorial to fix third party ink. If that fails then it may be more cost-effective just to purchase a different printer that supports firmware downgrades and third party ink.

    • Unfortunately there are some "international" models of Epson printers that never had their firmware readily available online or at least not archived anywhere. This includes many with sub-model numbers including 435, 352, 442, 422, 325, 245, 345, etc... Not even the paid solutions generally offer the firmware for these models. Basically if you search for your printer on Google and see the top site is "" or "" or "" instead of the basic "" then you have an international model. In these cases without readily available firmware, you can still try the "scratch off" method I describe at the bottom of my tutorial to fix third party ink. If that fails then it may be more cost-effective just to purchase a different printer that supports firmware downgrades and third party ink.

  122. Which firmware version download do I need to downgrade an Epson XP-352... Firmware download links not showing 352 specifically... 🙁

    • Unfortunately there are some "international" models of Epson printers that never had their firmware readily available online or at least not archived anywhere. This includes many with sub-model numbers including 435, 352, 442, 422, 325, 245, 345, etc... Not even the paid solutions generally offer the firmware for these models. Basically if you search for your printer on Google and see the top site is "" or "" or "" instead of the basic "" then you have an international model. In these cases without readily available firmware, you can still try the "scratch off" method I describe at the bottom of my tutorial to fix third party ink. If that fails then it may be more cost-effective just to purchase a different printer that supports firmware downgrades and third party ink.

    • I can't be sure - but you could try to scrape off the blue coating in the top-right (in picture) where you see it raised a bit, which matches the area of others that work in this way. Otherwise sometimes contacting the manufacturer can help as they may know of an alternate trick with their own cartridges.

      If you can wait it out you will find that third party suppliers do often overcome the firmware blocks when they update their chips and cartridges - so it is possible other manufacturers already have some that will work for you depending on your firmware. But definitely avoid any firmware updates as each one adds more complexity to retaining support for these unofficial cartridges.

  123. Hey Matt...

    I tried this on my XP-610.

    Good news, the downgrade went through.
    Bad news, I fear the 2015 firmware I tried wasn't early enough, as it still won't 100% accept my InkOwl cartridges...

    Can you find any older firmware? I'm tired of wasting $100 at a time on XL cartridge sets.

    • I believe that's the oldest available. I would suggest attempting to remove and replace the ink a few times as sometimes with certain cartridges it can take a few reboots of the printer to get it to register correctly. You could try: 1.) Remove all ink cartridges. 2.) Power off the printer and then power it on again TWICE before putting the ink back in. 3.) Put the ink back in and then reboot printer 1-2 more times. You could also try steps 1-2 but keep the ink out, and then power it off again and repeat the firmware downgrade process, then put the ink back in and see.

      • The reason I was asking for even older firmware is the printer STILL complains about the cartridges not being genuine, though it might still LET me use them, just not all at once.

    • Hi Andy - Last I checked WIC Reset was still a paid solution if you wanted to downgrade the firmware. Fixing a stuck "Recovery Mode" is a separate issue than downgrading the firmware. I will recheck this out when I have time to see, though I do mention WIC Reset as a possibility if all else fails near the bottom of my article.

    • Unfortunately there are some "international" models of Epson printers that never had their firmware readily available online or at least not archived anywhere. This includes many with sub-model numbers including 255, 435, 352, 442, 422, 325, 245, 345, etc... Not even the paid solutions generally offer the firmware for these models. Basically if you search for your printer on Google and see the top site is "" or "" or "" instead of the basic "" then you have an international model. In these cases without readily available firmware, you can still try the "scratch off" method I describe at the bottom of my tutorial to fix third party ink. If that fails then it may be more cost-effective just to purchase a different printer that supports firmware downgrades and third party ink.

  124. Hi.
    There are a number of comments about the XP-422 in this thread, and I have found a firmware for it, but I have no idea if it is early enough or how to find details of a firmware. I don't know how to tell if it fixes the cartridge not recognised issue.
    For anyone who is interested, this is where I found it after many hours of searching.
    The problem is that R012G8 means nothing to me. The EPFWUPD file is dated 4th March 2016 but I'm not sure that tells me anything. Is there somewhere in the executable zip that I can look to get definitive information?
    More to the point, R012G8 means nothing to me. Is there somewhere I can look to see all the versions of firmware for thisprinter and then see where R012G8 fits into the list? I'd appreciate any help you can give me Matt before I flash this and potentially make my printer worse.

    • Hi Sammie, R012G8 is the same firmware that still lists on Epson's Hong Kong website for the XP-442, and has a published date of August 30, 2016. So yes that firmware should be old enough to circumvent all of the firmware blocks they've instilled since 2017-2018. Interestingly Epson does NOT include a link to this firmware on their other international sites for that model, so perhaps they have just forgotten to remove it from the HK website. This may indeed be a good source to find a lot of the more obscure firmware. Below is a direct link to the download:


  125. Thanks for the quick reply and reassurance Matt. I hope that download and potentially others in HK help a few others too

    • Hey can I know whether it worked with the firmware RO12G8? Because I've downgraded to that and it still doesn't recognize my ink.

  126. Hello! I have XP-305. For degradation can I use the archive of the XP-300 series? My current version is 40.UJ21C9 40(N003.P003.D002/(None)), according to the status page printed.

    • Hi FairyTalePBGK - Unfortunately the 305 is one of the "international" models that does not have its firmware easily available online, and the more common 300-series firmware is unlikely to be compatible. However the WIC Reset utility claims to have the necessary firmware (UJ30C3 - 2012) but that is a paid product.

  127. Just finished the downgrade and waiting for the printer to shut itself off. Meanwhile, I have uninstalled the Epson software Updater program in the hopes that this will stop any future firmware "upgrades". Not sure how long to wait for the printer to shut itself off - it is flashing the power button very quickly for the last 4-5 minutes - like 2 times a second. I guess I'll just keep waiting.

  128. Sorry, this will be my last message, I don't see any way to edit my previous messages. I finally got tired of waiting for the printer to turn off and I unplugged it (the only way to power it down). After turning it back on, putting the ink back in and waiting for it to check itself for whatever a printer checks itself for, it is working perfectly and the firmware version is the NP18F8 one, the downgraded version. Thank you so much for this info.

  129. Thank you so so much! Like an idiot I updated the firmware in the middle of printing stuff for my 5 yr olds Birthday party. Literally almost had a breakdown until I found this page! It worked perfectly for my xp-446. The firnearenfor the xp-440 worked just fine as I didnt see the xp-446 on the list. Thanks so much again, back to work!

  130. thanks for the info. I tried to downgrade on the xp 342. but the start button just starts to flash then the "FILE NOT FOUND" displays. I have done this several time and i cant get it to work. please help. thanks.

    • Hi Kevin, unfortunately the 342 is what is considered an "international model" in which the specific older firmware for it hasn't been made readily available online. So if the XP-340 firmware linked to in this article gives you the "File Not Found" then it is incompatible and there may not be any good option for that specific printer model. Even the paid solutions do not seem to have the older firmware for that model on hand. The only other possible solution would be to try the "carbon scratch" description at the bottom of my article on a cartridge that is incompatible to see if that can solve it, or to wait for manufacturers to update their cartridge chips to overcome the latest blocks imposed by Epson's firmware.

  131. Hi Matt. Is there a way to find a list of all firmwares and their release dates for a specific printer. Preferably with a revision list of what changed with each release. But even without the revision data, it would be nice to know all the firmware names so I know which is the best one to look for. Thanks

  132. Hi thank you for the instruction but at the end I still get an error message. File not found. Do you know how I can solve this. Help

  133. Hi Matt.
    This is probably a stupid question, but I'd like to be sure. I have two firmwares for the XP-442. RO12G8 (mentioned in previous post) and RO05IA (from Epson Taiwan). I initially thought that RO05 must be older than RO12 because of the name. However. When I run the EPFWUPD program one shows up as version 1E.16.RO12G8 while the other is 20.24.RO05IA.

    I'm assuming that despite its name, RO05IA is the most recent firmware of the two as 20.24 is the greater number. Am I correct. Also, the Taiwan site does not show the release date. Can I obtain that from somewhere in the firmware files themselves?

    The Taiwan XP-442 Page is here

  134. Thanks Matt. I thought I was doing some good spring cleaning on my computers and all by even doing the firmware upgrades. When I found my Epson XP-640 stopped working because of Cartridge Not Recognized I was bent. I would rather buy a new printer than give money to Epson for extortion.
    It did take a couple of tries to downgrade the firmware. I really like your site for easily finding what I needed and getting to the point.

  135. Hi Matt, I have an XP-830 printer. I went through your procedure for downgrading the firmware. All went well till the last step. It went into recovery mode and after several minutes it goes to turn off and the start button keeps flashing. I tried unplugging and plug back in to get power. It goes back into recovery mode. I tried several times but it is stuck at this point. Can you help me, please? Thanks. Syed

    • Hi Syed I have not heard of this happening before and have performed these steps on several 800-series myself. You should always be able to install the latest firmware from Epson to fix any recovery loop issues like this. Then could attempt the process again. For the 800 series you have to hold the top-right and power for 20-30 seconds before letting go and make sure it shows white text on the update screen. Hope you can get it sorted.

  136. Hi Matt My issue right now is how to power it up. After recovery mode, asks to be turned off. I can't turn off and hence can't power up. If I succeed in getting the printer to power up, I may be able to install the latest software. Any suggestions.?

  137. I want to thank you guys after calling EPSON and giving them earful. I found this article and it worked perfectly on my EPSON XP-434. I just want to note the stop button on my model is the upside triangle button with a circle around it.

  138. Hi Matt. Thanks for the reply. When I power back up , the screen says " Epson Printer Recovery Mode". I will WIC reset and see what happens. I have my finger crossed.

  139. Hey Matt i could really use your help. I have an XP440 and i have no trouble downgrading the firmware. However even with the firmware downgraded my printer will not recognize cyan magenta and yellow. I cant even begin to tell you how many times I've uninstalled and reinstalled the cartridges, shutting off then back on, and unplugging the printer, i even updated then downgraded the firmware again but nothing seems to work. This is the same issue i was having before i downgraded the firmware. And if i put the epson cartridges back in i can verify the firmware is SO10H8. I am trying to use a CISS system from CISSINKS. Any advise you can give would be much appreciated

  140. Pingback: Reverting/Recovering Firmware - Epson printers - Support - Printer Potty

  141. I have the XP830. O too have non-epson cartridges said to be incorrect. I tried the tricky procedure to put the printer into upgrade mode, and my PC screen then reported that my firmware is NOT upgradable. Would that be true? If so, I am screwed. I too will never again buy Epson.

    • The XP-830 can be downgraded. Make sure on the printer you see white text in update mode (for the 800 series you hold the top-right corner of screen when it's off and power for 15-30 seconds until the power button lights up). And make sure you run the older firmware installer on PC ( If possible, try the procedure from another computer or laptop that doesn't have any Epson software installed already as sometimes drivers or Epson software itself can interfere.

  142. Thank you so much! I tried it on my xp830 and it works like a charm. I was not wanting to pay the higher prices for the ink, and I had just purchased some after market refills. Thank you for saving me some money and my sanity.

  143. I tried downgrade with XP-430 and it stalls after old firmware is transmitted to the printer. Maybe the newest firmware I was just duped to install, prevents the downgrade.

    • Hi Paul, make sure the firmware update screen shows white text instead of red. Also sometimes it helps to try the process from a different computer that doesn't have any Epson software already installed on it as there can be conflicts. I believe it should still work for the 400-series.

  144. Our Epson t5200 is not recognising chips. Someone has suggested updating the firmware and the downgrading it again but it won't let us update the firmware while the inks not recognised on the screen. Is there a way to bypass this?

  145. Epson XP 615 didnt recognized usb ? on PC can hear the sounds that usb is connected but didnt show on the firmware downdrade.

  146. Really helpful web site. I could not find a firmware downgrade for my XP432. However I tried your second suggestion of removing the carbon strip on my generic cartridges and it worked perfectly, so the printer is back in business. I would nevertheless like to understand from where one can get firmware downgrades - ideally for free and without having to trawl obscure websites
    Thank you for this clear well explained website

  147. I have an XP-640 and used the "scrape off carbon film" option and it worked successfully. Thanks for posting these tips.

  148. Matt,
    Made the mistake of updating the firmware middle of last year. I have the XP-305 and tried to follow the instructions for the XP-300 series. Unfortunately it was not your website I looked on and of course the downgrade did not work. I only "discovered" your website today where I found that the 305 is an international model and cannot be updated. I'd given up and the binman calls tomorrow so guess where the printer was going? Then I noticed the "scrape off the carbon strip" method and thought what the heck. Well would you believe it worked!
    So to recap: Scraping the carbon strip works on the XP-305 series.
    Thanks for the tip.



  149. Excuse me this process is to unlock the printer and can reconize generic cartridge???
    And can i install continuous tints system?

    I have a xp-440
    And want to install continuous tints system it is possible with this process

    • Yes, downgrading the firmware will allow support for the majority of third party ink again. I have not tested continuous ink on that model but as long as the older firmware can be put on so that third party ink works, it should also work for a CIS. Good luck.

  150. Hello, I'm from Argentina I have an epson xp 241, I did not take the drivers in win 7, 64bit, I downloaded them from epson and updated the fireware to 243/245, the printer is new, never printed, and it is locked, watching and consulting I have been told that you can not go back to fireware 241, but if you replace it with the 245 officer, download the fireware from the page here ? productId = 4532), and here my halguein question I do with a 241? Thank you

    Hola, soy de argentina tengo una epson xp 241 , no tomaba los driver en win 7 ,64bit , los baje de epson y se actualizo el fireware a 243/245 , la impresora es nueva , no imprimió nunca , y se bloqueo , viendo y consultando me han dicho que no se puede volver al fireware 241 , pero que si se lo remplaza con el 245 funcionaria , baje el fireware de la pagina que aqui dan , e aqui mi pregunta halguein lo a echo con una 241? Gracias

  151. I've been trying this tonight on my XP-440 which suddenly stopped recognizing the cartridges. So, the downgrade seems to go well..says "Finished" and shows the correct downgraded firmware version. However...

    1) The firmware software says the printer will shut itself down when the firmware installation is done--but my printer never shuts down. The power light simply blinks forever, so if I unplug it will it revert to the original firmware or be fine?

    2) Presuming the downgrade actually worked, mine seems to still not recognize the cartridge(s). In this case I'm using a black original Epson cartridge, though I've been refilling it occasionally and it's worked for a long time until now. Even so, nothing I do seems to get the printer to recognize it again.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi sorry for not responding sooner. It is safe to unplug the printer and plug it back in once you see the Finished/Success message and the old firmware will still be applied. In many models you can also press the OK or HOME button to power off after it is successful. Sometimes it can be touchy after downgrades - you may want to remove all of the ink and restart the printer a couple times, then power it off again (ink still out) and run the firmware downgrade, then power it back on and off a couple more times before trying to put the ink in.

  152. sort of related...
    has problems booting up- / works sometimes / usualy keeps giving message "printer busy" (regardless of connection via wifi / wifi direct / usb)
    one time it booted correctly conneted via wifi, changed to non conform cyaan (had to remove an insert 3 times before cartridge was accepted.)
    all fine - power of power on - boot issue comes back, printer busy.
    now i can print via usb (even when printer is busy, cant connect to network, cant scan, cleaning heads will work sometomes)
    tryed to change BL / Y / M, "printer busy" (always)
    message that cartridge are non conform, after removing and reinserting caertridges printer keeps "controlling cartridge" for days
    printer doesnt turn of... 'turning of' message will be there for days... so cant enter the firmware setup
    tips? other than scratching the thingy? 🙂
    i woul be extatic if it worked again
    big thanks in advance...

  153. addition
    I can print via USB if i put in the old empty cartridges, gives lines and blobs but there is 'printing functionality'
    cant print when message 'controlling cartridge' is on the screen

    • Hi Joran, that sounds like it could be an actual internal hardware malfunction (or chipset failure) that is causing such problems rather than firmware-related. You should still be able to install the latest firmware from Epson (as a last ditch effort) from their website with the printer still powered on - but if you still can't power off and such afterward you wouldn't be able to use third party ink either. Sorry I don't have any better advice. Also, the XP-422 is an international model that also may not be readily compatible with available firmware even if you are able to enter recovery mode.

    • Unfortunately I don't. It would had been available on Epson's website before all of the updates but they make it essentially impossible to locate old firmware through their site/FTP. I don't think any other sites mirrored that firmware as the Workforce models were somewhat more obscure.

  154. Worked like a charm - my only remaining problem is to clean the print heads after using the disabled printer for a doorstop over three months.

  155. This is an extremely interesting site! I wonder if earlier versions of the firmware for the Epson WF2750 is available anywhere. I'd be very grateful for any help in finding it. Also any advice about the third party firmware that allows chipless operation of this printer and hence the cartridges are never recorded as reducing in ink content would be most welcome. Thanks.

  156. I have an Epson XP 434. Since my printer is in another room I was a little lazy to bring it over and plug it to my PC. I decided to take a shot at removing the carbon film off the chip set on the cartridge. To my surprise it instantly worked except for one cartridge. I kept scraping away and eventually it worked! thank you for such an easy fix!

  157. can you help me find firmware for epson xp 446 printer. I am converting my printer into a sublimation printer for my shirt business. i have a 3rd party ink and cis. my printer will not recognize the ink. Thank you, Kristen

  158. I was able to downgrade my xp440 to the older 9/26/17 version but it still does not recognize my CIS System :/

  159. Following my comments on March 7th I have found earlier versions of firmware for the Epson WF2750 on the web site. But I cannot install any of them in spite of following various methods. Epsons Software Updater does not give the option of using either of two independantly downloaded file (JP24G5 24/05/2016 and JP29G6 29/06/2016). These files are also self installing but refuse to install on a printer that already has a later version (JP28H6) installed. The epson Software Updater will only offer later versions from their own website (which no doubt have the disabling of third party consumables embodied).
    So can anyone tell me how I can install either of the two firmware versions that I found on the website (JP24G5 24/05/2016 and JP29G6 29/06/2016)? The WIC reset utility can probably be used but I have not tried it beyond the stage where they want to be paid for the privilage of letting me have the software that I have already found and freely downloaded. I am able to easily put the printer (Epson WF2750) into its Epson ROM update mode, and am using a USB cable to my computer. But am completely frustrated as I want to install either of these two earlier firmware versions.
    Thankyou for reading this!

  160. For the attention of Matt the advisor on this website.
    Dear Matt,I have tried to follow your instructions regarding downgrading the firmware on my epson WF2750 as per your instructions as follows:

    4. Download the older firmware onto the connected laptop or computer.
    5. After launching the downloaded firmware installer, step through the wizard by following the on-screen instructions. In the case of Epson, you mostly have to click next through a few pages of disclaimers. Assuming the printer is connected to the PC with a USB cable and powered up to the recovery screen, you should see a single entry in the Model list and it should be checked. Click Start to begin the firmware downgrade, and then click Yes to confirm. The prior firmware will be transferred to the printer,
    The problem is that I have found the firmware that I want to use but I cannot see how to use the epson firmware installer to access and use the firmware that I have downloaded. There is no option within the installer to use any software other than that which Epson suggests. There is simply no option to use the firmware that I have downloaded and save on my computer.
    I wonder if you would be good enough to explain the procedure and probably point out what I am not doing correctly. I have tried simply double clicking on the downloaded firmware that I saved and it does launch an installer program but within the program progress comes the statement 'Downgraded (It cannot be updated)’ – and there is no further progress possible. Of course I am trying to downgrade and not upgrade.
    I wonder if you get time to read through these comments by members of the public as I would be very grateful of some help from you or anybody else who reads these messages. I am completely stuck. Thankyou.
    PS. The firmware file for the Epson WF2750 that I find I am unable to install is: epson17899.exe – I cant attach it as it is not accepted for attachment.

  161. Hey Matt (or anybody else who might be able to help!)

    I seem to be having no problem getting old firmware put onto my epson XP 434, but in the program window, the firmware version is listed as MO22G6 even when I download the version called MO10G3, which I've read is the best option. Is Epson somehow preventing me from downgrading? This is the second CIS kit I've bought and I'm beyond frustrated.

    Also, the chips on my third party cartridges don't look like the ones in the photo. If downgrading is actually impossible, I want to give the scraping method a shot before I throw everything away, but I don't see any carbon bands to cut.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  162. Hi there,

    I've got an Epson XP-352, it it possible to get a firmware downgrade for this? I can't see it listed, so assuming not, but any help would be appreciated!


  163. Matt,
    I followed the steps as above for an Epson XP-830. It seems to be working but during the firmware update/downgrade from computer to the printer it stops at 63% and doesn't complete the job...any ideas?

  164. I had to go with option 2 instead of option 1 for my XP-340, but it worked. I was about to pull an Office Space, shove it in a box and send it to Epson. Thanks, and tip left!! 🙂

  165. I proceeded to update my Epson xp-630 to NQ10f8, updater said "Transfer Complete",
    The firmware has been downloaded to your printer.
    Wait for the printer to turn off automatically

    Power light is flashing, but printer screen shows >Program Update Mode DATA FILE IS NOT FOUND
    it's been 35 min. so far.... has this failed or should I continue to wait?

  166. Something went wrong, it should only takes several minutes at most. It is possible there was some conflict between your computer and the printer; you can try it again (unplug printer and plug it in again) but if you have another computer or laptop without Epson software installed you may have better luck trying directly from that instead.

  167. Hi, is it possible to downgrade an XP-215?
    I've found istructions for several XP-series printers but not for this one 🙁

  168. In our case we have an XP-415 printer. Is there somewhere to download the firmware for this printer and is there a button sequence for loading it to the printer?

      • The driver you found for the xp-415 seems to have made a difference to the XP-415 printer operation when I eventually installed it.
        The symptom was that with the latest firmware the printer was not printing anything.
        Having installed the firmware you found on that web site and after playing with some settings the printer seems to be back printing with non Epson cartridges, which is great given I bought 20 cartridges for something like $15 including delivery.
        I had a bit of problem with the firmware install process because my Win 10 computer kept installing the driver software and printer every time I had unisntalled the printer. Probably like many others I have an old XP laptop in a cupboard. When it was dusted off and powered up I used it to run the firmware install program which in turn was able to run and find the usb connected printer.
        The older firmware still complains about the non Epson cartridges when they are installed but it also allows the printer to actually print stuff as opposed to going through the motions resulting in blank pages.
        Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question and sorry for the delay in replying to you (I installed the firmware last weekend).

    • The 442 is an "international" model that does not have easily obtainable old firmware for download. You may have better success trying the second method (carbon band scratch-off) explained toward the end of the article.

  169. I tried the instructions for the xp 440. After I saw finished on the printer screen, I tried to turn it off from the button. It didn't go off. I then unplugged it. I waited about 15 seconds before plugging it back in. I pushed the on/off button and now it's not coming on at all.

    • Double-check that the power cord is very tightly secured in the back as sometimes if it is at all loose you will not get any power. Also hold in the power button for a number off seconds until it starts booting up, certain models require that you hold in the button for a little while before it will power off or on to avoid accidental usage.

  170. Hello,
    I have xp-830. Followed steps. Screen says Epson printer recovery mode. I have unplugged and tried to turn printer on nothing. Help.

    • Hi Pam, most people have reported success with the XP-830 and you can find tips throughout the comments by searching 830 (this one and this one contain some guidance).

      If you are stuck in recovery mode and unplugging it for 60 seconds then plugging it back in does not resolve it, and you cannot get back to update mode (holding in TOP-RIGHT + POWER for up to 20-30 seconds)... You can try either:

      1.) Download the latest firmware from Epson's website and attempt to run that installer. If it works this will upgrade you to the latest firmware but you may then attempt the downgrade again.

      2.) Check out the WIC Reset tool that offers a free mode for fixing stuck recovery. I have not used this personally but some others have recommended it. - There is a video guide at this link (note that the tool also offers downgrade capabilities but that requires a paid key).

  171. I got my XP-830 to the white Update mode screen, went through the firmware downgrade process. Computer screen says Transfer complete, Printer screen says ROM is not writable. Nothing shows as updated. Stuck in recovery mode.

    • Hi Julie, most people have reported success with the XP-830 and you can find tips throughout the comments by searching 830 (this one and this one contain some guidance).

      If you are stuck in recovery mode and unplugging it for 60 seconds then plugging it back in does not resolve it, and you cannot get back to update mode (holding in TOP-RIGHT + POWER for up to 20-30 seconds)... You can try either:

      1.) Download the latest firmware from Epson's website and attempt to run that installer. If it works this will upgrade you to the latest firmware but you may then attempt the downgrade again.

      2.) Check out the WIC Reset tool that offers a free mode for fixing stuck recovery. I have not used this personally but some others have recommended it. - There is a video guide at this link (note that the tool also offers downgrade capabilities but that requires a paid key).

      • Hi, Matt.

        I should have replied back in May to let you know that your recommendations worked. I don't remember now which ones I used, but I know it wasn't the WIC Reset tool. Whatever I did, it was successful within a week, as it accepted a set of third-party ink I still had but thought was useless. I had never discarded it. I had ordered a new set of third-party cartridges in mid-June, so it was working fine then.

        I went into the printer administration file and turned off firmware updates.

        I just wanted to tell you thank you for your dedication to researching and posting these solutions. I love this printer and I am thrilled that I have my XP-830 back.

  172. Hi Matt,
    I have tried every possible Firmware for the XP-625, but I just can't find a Downgrade-Firmware for it. I already have Autoreset Ink-Cartridges, which of course don't work anymore (after the Update).
    I hope you'll answer my question and thank you for the effort you've put in this amazing guide.

    BTW: I can enter the FW-Update-Mode but then it states 'File not Found'. I searched under and on th FTP-Server but I don't know where and what to look for. It's quite a difficult Name-Scheme.

  173. Hi Matt (or anybody)
    I have a XP-625 (620 Series) with Autoreset Cartridges, which of course don't work after the Firmwareupdate. I searched the whole internet for a compatible Version but haven't found anything yet. Maybe you know where i could find a version. and the European FTP-Server (which was confusing because of the name schemes) didn't help either.
    I also didn't find a Carbon-Strip on my Epson 26 Cartridge-Chips.

    Thanks in advance for the invested time. I do really appreciate it.

    BTW: I was even so desperate and installed a MacOS-VM to try different upgrade schemes. Still nothing.

  174. Hello Matt,

    I am trying to downgrade the firmware of my XP-710 printer, since the current version rejects third party cartridges.
    I managed to put the printer in Update Mode and tried to use this update file (I'm on Windows 10):

    Although it is listed as firmware for XP-810, you suggested in one of your posts above that it should also apply to XP-710.

    But unfortunately this does not seems to work: when I execute the update file, there's a brief flash of the Up and Down arrows on the printer control panel, but nothing happens on the printer after that; and the firmware updater says transmission is in progress, but it remains stuck forever at 50% of the process.

    Are you sure this firmware is adequate for XP-710 (I couldn't find one specific to this printer)? and do you have any suggestion on what I could try to solve the problem?

    Thanks a lot for all the help you've given thus far, I hope you can help in this case too!

  175. Finally, the problem I mentioned yesterday was fixed without having to downgrade . Apparently only one cartridge was causing the issue (although the printer did say that none of the 5 cartridges were valid!).

  176. Hi Matt!
    This worked smashingly well on all 3 of my XP-830's.. thank you! Now I just remember to always ignore the "newer firmware available" messages on these printers 🙂

    QUESTION -- One of my printers is giving me a "pads are nearing the end of their life" message. I'm considering replacing it with a new XP-7100, but am concerned I'll run into compatibility errors, and have tons of LD-products ink I want to continue using (and purchasing). Have you heard anything about 3rd party ink compatibility and the XP-7100?

    🙂 Rob

    • Rob - No need to replace it... You can easily reset the ink pad counter and it will be fine. That is essentially just the foam that collects excess ink inside and Epson has timed it to throw that message after so many ink replacements / cleanings. However it doesn't impact anything at all and you can reset it endlessly. It is also pretty simple to open up the printers and manually remove the ink pads to replace them with your own cut foam/sponge, but this isn't really necessary the ink generally dries and evaporates long before it'd ever become a problem (maybe every 3 ink resets you'd want to).

      If you check eBay you'll find a couple listings that contain properly collaborated pad reset software for the XP-830 to allow for a full reset, so it will then last as long as it has to this point without prompting you with the message again. Looks like the ones for the 830 are single use but are also only like $6.

  177. So I followed the instructions for the XP-440 and got the firmware mode up and uploaded the older version 20.20.S010H8, after the upload I press OK. The printer turns off.. I turn it back on again but I get the same error

    'Printer Mode

    Ink out Error

    Retry set I/C'

    This printer is just over a year old, I've been using the cheaper inks without issues. I had auto firmware updates set to on, was this my mistake? So now what put this printer in landfill and get another one? Just makes me very sad.

  178. I am so grateful. I have worried with my Epsom Printer for weeks trying to get it to accept my cheaper cartridges, but nothing I tried worked...then I happened to see your video on u-tube and found your site. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..yours was the only one that worked for me.



  181. I need help with my xp 446. I read the comments and followed their advice for the 446 but my ink is still not recognized. any suggestions for the 446 from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I have had this printer since Feb. I ordered ciss and sublimation ink. I thought it was the refillable ink cartridges so the people from ebay sent me new ones. They still aren't being recognized, please help! thank you in advance!!

  182. Hi, you know where I can download the SO16H6 firmware for the xp 440 because the 2017 version does not work for me. Thank you

  183. Hi, followed all of your instructions for the XP-600. Everything went as planned until I tried to put 3rd party ink cartridges in and the printer still says that they are not recognized and gives the error message (with beeping). I tried removing and replacing the cartridges a couple of times. Any suggestions?

  184. I have Epson SP-340 with 288 cartridges. I only did the scraping thing on my third party black cartridge, not the downgrading. It worked! It seemed to be charging for quite some time, and I was keeping my fingers crossed. Yay, because I didn't want to go through a whole bunch of stuff. I used a razor, just scraped the area in the picture, didn't really see much of anything come off, but I guess enough came off. Goodbye expensive cartridges!!

  185. I've downgraded my epson xp 440 with the firmware you've supplied but my 3rd party CIS ink still isnt being recognized. PLEASE HELP!

  186. Hi Matt, I tried the suggested Mac download for my XP-950 but to no avail. I tried for a second time and now all the lights are flashing with no indication that the machine will power off of its own accord. I'll have to remove disconnect it from power and try the carbon band scraping technique next.

  187. Hi Matt, thanks a lot for your help ! I have done everything on my Epson XP 440. Firmware downgrade was ok. Yet it won't recognize the generic inks. (Linko Re-manufactured Ink). It had a carbon band which I also scraped, but nothing happens. Is there any older firmware to try (I couldn't find any on internet)
    Thanks !

  188. Hi Matt,

    I'm trying to downgrade Epson WF-2650 firmware so that I can install generic cartridges

    Any comments?


  189. This is odd. I bought a non-OEM cartridge for my XP-830. I definitely have the new firmware. The last time I tried installing a non-OEM catrtridge I had the usual nightmare. Anticipating a problem, just for the hell of it I called Epson. To my surprise, they gave me a case number and said that if there is a problem they can fix it.

    Then I installed a newly purchased non-OEM XL black cattridge. To my utter amazement, it worked! No error message!

    What is going on here? I have not added any firmware (late December 2017) that made using non-OEM catrtridges impossible.

  190. i found original wf2530 fw file , extract fw from epson exe file, find the epson exe fw update then download 7zip and right click it and open archive the fw file is in the archive, just extract it.

  191. Thanks for the great solution. I was concerned for a second when the not accepted message came back up after I installed the downgrade on my XP-430, but all I had to do was click ok and it went through the ink initialization sequence and now I'm up and running. But the class action referred to in Gary's previous post is appealing and warranted IMO.

  192. I ran into the issue with the Epson XP-440. I bought a new printer, burned through the black in last week. The colors still have ink but the system won't work without replacing the black. So, installed the CIS that I had purchased. Had issues and the company pointed out that I needed to downgrade my firmware. I found this site and achieved the downgrade to SO10H8. The issue now is when the CIS is installed it recognizes only the black. Tells me the colors are un-recognizable. I use the reset button on the CIS which should clear the counter but no go. Any thoughts on this? I have the CIS company trying to help but thought I would reach out here as well. I'm wondering if since the firmware .exe was downloaded off of Epson's site could they have updated those files without us knowing? They have to know people are doing the downgrade to circumvent their block. Perhaps someone knows somewhere else I can download the firmware. Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.

  193. Previously-working cartridge on my XP-430 showed up not recognized after I installed July 2019 update. Using the alternative hint of scraping off the carbon band off the cartridge was simple and worked for me. Awesome, and thank you! Epson sucks and I will never buy another piece of crap from them.

  194. I have XP-430 with CISS since October 2018. and just recently it stop working and keeps saying cartridges cannot be recognized. I did the firmware downgrade, and still all the cartridges won't recognized. I did the downgrade again( many times) and still no luck of running the printer again. Any other option? thanks in advance.

  195. Worked like charm on my XP-645 (white version of XP-640). Didn't have to remove cartridges for the downgrade. After new checksum shows, just press the OK button and the printer will turn off. no need to unplug. NK11J4 downgraded to NK10G8

  196. Hello, I have an epson xp-322 that has been working with refillable cartridges for a long time but now after a firmware upgrade it is no more recognizing these cartridges. So, please, is there any firmware downgrade for that model?

  197. Downloaded the firmware update today Sept 4, 2019 and it no longer recognizes my aftermarket carts. XP-446 printer with 288 style carts

  198. Thank you so much for these clear, easy-to-follow instructions!!!

    My Epson XP-440 had prompted me to update the firmware, which I did and then it told me all my ink cartridges needed to be replaced to Epson brand.

    I am nearly 70 and technologically challenged, to say the least.

    I actually tried first to scrape off the carbon strip from my third-party cartridges but that didn't work.

    So I found an old cable, hooked it up and followed your instructions. SUCCESS!!!!! I am so happy! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  199. (09/04/2019) Outstanding and detailed explanations! My XP-446 had firmware updated this afternoon and this evening could not recognize my non-oem cartridges. Followed the instructions as shown above (a little trouble spreading my hand all over the face of this printer to button touch) and was able to get the white print page. Executed the downloaded .exe file and everything went as described from there. I too had problem with BLK cartridge on first execution, but re-insert took care of that problem. Right now, printer working, although I notice the "firmware update" notice is showing again.

  200. Second time updating firmware on my XP-440, but first time it caused problems with my non-Epson ink cartridges. Directions were spot on with your tutorial and download link. I'm now back in business and won't believe again that Epson is simply supporting their customers by trying to make the best product they can. Firmware updates are supposed to add features and fix faults - not to put the screw to customers by forcing them to pay more money to the corporation for overpriced supplies. Thanks for your service in protecting my money I paid for a printer and letting me decide who gets my money for printer ink.

  201. AWESOME!!!!! is all I can say - WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!! My XP-340 is back to it's old self using 3rd party ink - I had every intention of running to Staples to buy ink this AM until I spotted your site - now I'm back to the 3rd party cartridges that were in my unit and it works perfect. You probably just kept $80.00 in my pocket - I can't thank you enough!!!!!

  202. THANK YOU! I hadn't had a problem with 3rd party cartridges in my XP-440 until the firmware update a few days ago. Your instructions are easy to follow and worked perfectly for me. I thought I might have to buy a new non-Epson printer, since they are cheaper than buying 4 new Epson ink cartridges. Sent you a little token of gratitude in PayPal.

  203. Thanks for such a useful post!

    I purchased Uniwork 273XL Ink(6 pack) for Epson XP-600 from Amazon (, today I opened the 273XL Black and inserted it in the printer but it gave me "cannot recognize the cartridge" error, I have done everything from rebooting the printer to cleaning the cartridge, downgrading the firmware to removing the carbon band but nothing helped.

    I would be grateful if there are any other suggestions.

  204. Has anyone gotten a COMMUNICATIONS ERROR after downgrading to earlier firmware? I use Wi-Fi to connect my printer to the computer. I did everything Matt said to do, but this error won't go away.

    Weirdest thing prints. It also prints from the computer in another room. I tried the connection tool, but all it did was say it fixed it. But it didn't.