Spammy Scam: Domain Expiration Notice

Over the years I have established a fair number of email accounts, the oldest of which have long been overtaken by spam to the point that checking them is a futile endeavor. Rather than just shift-deleting all of the messages, however, I thought it might prove fun to technically analyze some at random.

RE: Notification – Registration Registration

Today’s scam email is allegedly1 brought to you by “Customer Contact Manager – PO Box 4668 New York, NY 10163.” Read Full Article

Thrift Store Gold: Sony ICF-2010 Radio for $3

ICF-2010 Shortwave Radio

The Discovery

When searching for a cheap AM/FM radio this past week, my mom stumbled across one at Goodwill amidst a shelf of electronic rubble. It carried a price tag of $5.99, but all pink tags were half-off, bringing the grand total to $2.99—that's $3.16 with tax. To put this into perspective, she paid a dollar less for this radio than the cost of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonalds. Not bad. However, there was no way to test the radio at the store and, until getting home and conducting a little research, she was oblivious to what type of radio she had purchased.

The radio she acquired was, in fact, the highly sought after Sony ICF-2010 shortwave radio introduced in 1985 for $319 [that's $702 with today's inflation].  Sony manufactured the radio for nearly two decades before discontinuing it in 2004.  As a portable shortwave radio, it boasted impressive capabilities for DXing hobbyists and accrued a large fanbase over the years. As a testament to the ICF-2010's longevity and impact, an active Yahoo Group of over 2,600 members still exists, with more members joining daily. Since being discontinued, the radio has thrived on eBay with most selling for $200-$400 depending on their condition. Read Full Article

A New Blog for a New Year!

Happy 2015! It has long been my intent to start a pseudo-regular blog to chronicle my own tech discoveries and share random insights with those who happen to stumble across it.  I’m no stranger to online writing and publications, having had numerous forms of a personal and blog-like sites for many causes since the mid-1990s.

However, until now all of my ramblings have been scattered throughout the Web—dispersed via numerous aliases throughout countless third party communities and websites, some of which I’m sure have ceased to exist by now including a few of my own. Although my intent was to get this blog rolling at the start of January, kicking it off in February will have to suffice. Read Full Article