Synchronizing Local Databases and Web Content via Dropbox (MySQL, Apache, WAMP)

When working on web-based projects locally, developers are often faced with the burden of transferring the data across multiple development machines for one reason or another. In my case, I develop primarily on a desktop machine in my office but occasionally require access to the project files from a laptop or mobile device; this is especially true when working remotely or if needing to demonstrate a WIP to a client.

A typical web project consists of many static assets, dynamic scripts powered by a server-side language like PHP, and database-driven content powered by an engine like MySQL. Due to these interconnected components, constantly exporting and importing the databases from one machine to the next while also carrying over all of the updated page scripts and static assets immediately becomes a tedious and time-intensive commitment. Database synchronization can be especially cumbersome when needing to mirror user accounts, table and database privileges and other lower level details. Read Full Article