How To Downgrade Epson XP Printer Firmware (Fix Ink Not Recognized Error) XP-300 to XP-630, XP-640, XP-830


PrinterDespite a supreme court ruling in favor of third party ink suppliers, printer manufacturers remain relentless in their quest to eliminate cheaper ink alternatives. Everything from issuing stealth firmware updates disguised as security patches, to questionable takedown notices on eBay, these companies are determined to make consumers pay for their high cost ink.

For Epson, new firmware updates are applied by default as part of the routine software update checks. Although the firmware frequency varies by model, many printers were issued a January 2018 update that effectively disabled the majority of third party ink cartridges. Printers affected by this will suddenly receive notices that one or more ink cartridges are unrecognized, incompatible or non-genuine. The company expects you to replace the ink with their much more expensive name brand format in order to continue using the printer at all (e.g., $100.95 from Epson's shop for the full 410XL ink pack, versus $27.79 by a competing ink remanufacturer).

Luckily, it is usually possible to restore an older version of the printer's firmware and resolve these newfound and self-imposed incompatibilities. The difficult part is figuring out how, since printer companies are notorious for removing old firmware as soon as the new version gets released and they rarely document how to get the printer into recovery mode or transmit older firmware.

This guide is for the Epson XP series and should work on any model from 300 through at least 630, and likely many others with minor adjustments in the instructions. Please refer to the video for an illustrated demonstration.

  1. Connect a USB Printer cable from the back of your printer to a computer or laptop. You must use  a Type A/B printer cable and plug it into the correct USB port on the printer (square) not the standard USB input port on the front. When in recovery mode, a USB connection is required to transfer the firmware to the printer, even if you already have it connected wirelessly.
  2. Remove all of the ink cartridges from the printer. This will ensure that all cartridge-related errors will be reset after applying the alternate firmware.
  3. Power off the printer. As soon as the printer is completely shut down, perform the following key combination until the firmware update screen appears in white text [if the printer instead boots to its regular screen or IPL mode with red text, you may have to look-up or experimennt to find the proper recovery mode combination for your printer model]:
    1. For many series from XP-300 to XP-630: Press and hold the STOP button, LEFT ARROW button, HOME button and POWER button simultaneously
    2. For the XP-400 to XP-446 and XP-640 to XP-646: Press and hold the STOP button, LEFT ARROW button, DOWN ARROW button and POWER button  simultaneously (thanks to Ken for the combo)
    3. For the XP-800 to XP-830 and similar single button models: Press and hold the TOP-RIGHT corner of the TOUCH SCREEN and POWER button simultaneously.
    4. For other models or if you can't get the above to work: Try all of the above and if you still fail to reach recovery mode, you can check this link for additional combo keys.
  4. Download the older firmware onto the connected laptop or computer. It may take some research to find the desired firmware, since most printer manufacturers remove obsolete firmware from their site immediately and provide no downgrade instructions. Epson's printers use a self-installing firmware updater that can be run directly from Windows or MacOS. In the case of the XP-630, the earliest firmware update that is the most compatible with third party cartridges is NQ10F8 from 2015.  A direct link to some older XP-630 firmware versions is below; for other models you will want to research compatible firmware.
  5. After launching the downloaded firmware installer, step through the wizard by following the on-screen instructions. In the case of Epson, you mostly have to click next through a few pages of disclaimers. Assuming the printer is connected to the PC with a USB cable and powered up to the recovery screen, you should see a single entry in the Model list and it should be checked. Click Start to begin the firmware downgrade, and then click Yes to confirm. The prior firmware will be transferred to the printer, where it will begin flashing automatically. This process can take several minutes, but when it is completed the on-screen display will indicate that it has finished.
  6. Once the downgrade is complete, press OK or unplug the printer to power it off. Then power it on again. When prompted, insert the ink as usual and then let the printer complete the ink initialization.

If all of the instructions have been followed successfully, you should no longer receive errors about incompatible ink when using third party cartridges and will be free to print once again. Make sure to disable or otherwise ignore any prompts to update the firmware again to avoid this happening in the future. For Epson, you can uninstall Epson Software Updater as an extra precaution, or simply remember to always uncheck the firwmare updates when prompted (it is safe to update the other software packages).

One unaffiliated third party site that I found of value is Xtrime Printer Drivers, which includes variety of software and firmware downloads for Epson, Canon and Brother printers circa 2015-2016. You may wish to run any downloaded file through a scanner such as VirusTotal to ensure it is clean before running it). You may also find WIC Utility of interest (also unaffiliated); the free version can query many printers to detect older firmware versions and list them for review, but to actually downgrade using this software instead of manually as described in this video costs $20 per reset. Some additional firmware downgrade key combination instructions for other XP models can be reviewed here.

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  1. Dude. You are awesome. I was about to toss this POS into the trash. I decided to give it one more go and find a way to fix it. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for this great post, very well done.
    Tried this on an Epson Expression XP-640: it uses the right arrow button instead of the left in the button sequence to enable the firmware update mode. The printer, though, returns "Data File not found" on the LCD screen, after the firmware has been copied to it, and older firmware will not load. (tried NK10G8, oldest, and NK19H5, same result for both). Trying to downgrade the firmware with the printer on in normal printing mode does not work either: the software will not allow an older firmware to overwrite newer. Any solution to this?

  3. When I try to run either of the linked EXE programs, IU get a FILE IS NOT FOUND error message.
    I have an XP-434.
    Thank you.

  4. PULL INK OUT FIRST.... On the XP-640 @ XP-646 to put in program mode. With the power off push ( STOP : LEFT ARROW : down ARROW : and POWER ) At the same time this well put the printer in program mode it well be White on screen then download firmware it well say finished on screen and give the firmware update on screen NK10G8. You have to unplug the printer to get the white screen off. After it is off plug it back in and turn it back on. Put ink back in then You can check the firmware version on the printer screen.

    • Thanks, Ken! I haven't had the chance to test on a 640 yet, but will add an update with the aforementioned key combo (STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER) since it is different from the 630 and lower (STOP + LEFT + HOME + POWER).

  5. Hey so my brother and I were going through the steps of fixing our 440. Everything goes swimmingly well up until I run the firmware updater where in which the printer displays the update mode and flashes No Files Found. Did I mess something up along the way or did I not apply the right firmware?

  6. I can't find an older firmware version for MAC for the XP-640 that seems to work. The link above took me to the XP-630 which isn't compatible for the XP-640. I found one dated 08/21/17 (firmware version 1D.1F.NK19H5), but when I connect the Epson Firmware Updater to the printer, under tab 5 (of7) I get an error message stating "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer."
    If anyone else has managed to find the older firmware, or had success downgrading the XP-640, I'd really appreciate some tips on how you did that.

    • David, I'm a Mac user who had the same problem as you with finding Mac Firmware for my XP-640. Took me a long time, but I finally found it at this link: (It's at this website: If you go the website, once you get to the Epson XP-640 page, scroll down until you see the section called "Download Epson XP-640 Drivers for Mac." At the very bottom of that section, you will see the NK10G8 recovery firmware download for Mac. Following the rest of Matt's instructions will get you there. Worked for me!

      Matt, I would recommend you include the firmware link for Mac in your original instructions. The only link you have is for PC's, and it was sure disappointing to get that far and then be stuck. But thanks so much for putting this up to save all of us from crooked corporate America that just wants to make obscene money off of us.

  7. Thanks! Worked for my 440 with this combo as stated above: "Press and hold the STOP button, LEFT ARROW button, DOWN ARROW button and POWER button simultaneously ". Uninstalled every bit of Epson bloatware: Customer Satisfaction Survey; Updater; and their BS Ready Ink crap.

    • Good to hear! You can also disable the nag screen on the printer itself via Settings > Firmware Update > Notification > Off. Otherwise every time you want to perform any action on the printer screen itself you'll be prompted about the newer firmware.

    • I just bought an XP-440 and don't plan to upgrade the firmware, I'd like to check if I have an early enough version out of the box that third party ink will work correctly. What version do you have that works? (I'm on SO16H6, still not have tested it with any third party inks)

      • I'd recommend simply trying third party ink to see. If it works then there is no need to downgrade and odds are it'll work with all recent re-manufactured ink. If it fails then you can downgrade to the September 2017 (SO10H8) firmware below which should be suitable (STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER should be the combo). Epson's firmware naming conventions are cryptic and there is no easy way to tell the date based just on the firmware ID. Most boxed printers are packaged many months in advance, so usually would contain an older firmware.

        XP-440 (Windows) -

  8. Question on a conflict of instructions- You mention in step 6 to push ok or power it off, but the software install says it will power off automatically for the XP630 downgrade. Which should I do?

    • Hi Tim. Many times the printer will not actually power off by itself after the "recovery firmware" is completed until you unplug it or press the Power button, even though it says it may. You can proceed with the firmware install as it states, and if it powers off on its own that is fine but otherwise you should see "FINISHED" on the printer screen after it is successful and can then unplug or otherwise power it off then restart it.

  9. I have an Epson XP-440 that gets an error message when I try this. There doesn't seem to be specific instructions for this model. Help?!

    • Hi. For XP-440 try the combo: CANCEL + DOWN + LEFT + POWER ON to enter firmware recovery mode. Firmware from September 2017 is at . The text on the printer screen when in firmware update mode should be white. If it is red or says IPL mode then you may instead try STOP + RIGHT + HOME + POWER but I think the first combo is correct.

  10. I am going to try this. Question though (I'm completely ignorant on these issues so pardon), do I uninstall from control panel first or do this as is?

  11. It finished! However, it won't accept the blank ink still. Better than before where it wouldn't accept any color. What should I try next?

  12. NM! I took the black and put back in. OMW! It's back to working! Thank you so much for this incredible information.

    • Glad you got it working! Yes sometimes after downgrading you may have to remove and insert the ink once more or there may still be some residual issues. You can also now disable the firmware update nag screen on the printer via Settings > Firmware Update > Notifications.

      • Thank you so much for this!! I have the XP-434 as well, and I had the same problem she did - after it was downgraded the black ink still wouldn't work (the only off-brand cartridge in it), but now it does.
        Thank you!!!!! In my initial googling earlier today, so many sites said that it was impossible to fix it once the firmware had been updated. You're a lifesaver!!! I was about to go all Office Space on this bitch until I found your article!

  13. Many Thanks. Latest Firmware update to my Epson XP-440 on 4/16/2018. reported it couldn't find 3 of 4 cartridges. Fixed with your instructions. Details for posterity:

    Dug out a USB-B cable, plugged it in to make sure PC saw it. removed ink cartridges and shut down printer. Turned it back on using CANCEL + DOWN + LEFT + POWER ON (cancel is triangle-in-circle). Powered on and black screen with white text appeared. Winodws popped up a new hardware wizard but couldn't find any device to add. I just clicked cancel. Ran the Firmware from September 2017 you linked at . Window popped up, clicked next and agree a couple times. It showed a usb device in the list like you said. I clicked Start and waited. 5 min or so later the printer screen said success. had to pull the power cord to shut down. turned it back on, it prompted to insert cartridges. did so, and it proceeded to prepare cartridges and all seems well. it immediately said a new firmware update was available. I went to Setup/firmware update/notification/Off. All cartridges good, prints fine again. Thanks!

  14. Was so close to going 'office space' on this POS (fuck EPSON; never again) and I figured I'd see if there was an easy roll-back option. Excellent work, this worked flawlessly on my XP-630.

  15. I was SO pissed when my Epson firmware update screwed my aftermarket ink. Of course, Epson customer service would not admit the update had anything to do with the screw up. All she would say, repeatedly, was, "We strongly recommend you use genuine Epson ink." Fucking bitch!! Well, your site didn't include the XP 434, but following your procedure, and using the 2016 Epson firmware download from, I got my printer back!! Thanks a million. BEWARE FIRMWARE UPDATES

  16. Hi, This appears to be a good solution, however when I get to step 5 on the installation "Firmware Updater" the "START" button is greyed out, therefor I can not select "Start" and unable to continue. ALso if any links to an alternative drive would be appreciated (maybe its the driver I have tired epson 18174exe. and a couple of others). This is for an Epson XP-640

    • Hi Dan, it sounds like the software isn't detecting the printer connected from USB which can happen if the printer isn't in the correct firmware recovery mode. Make sure you are entering firmware mode for the 640 by pressing STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER. This is a different combo than XP-630. If your printer screen shows RED text then you are in the wrong update mode and the firmware won't work. It should show WHITE text after using the combo I just mentioned. At step 5 there should be a single entry under "Model Name" (might have a blank name) and it must be checked to continue. The firmware should work as others have had success with it and the 640.

  17. Does anyone know where to safely download firmware JO10G3 for XP-330?

    I found a recovery download from Epson but it will not install to downgrade.

  18. Hi Matt,
    Thanks so much for the quick reply. I have done all the items you've mentioned. The Printer Unit is in update mode with WHITE text.
    It says EPSON PRINTER ROM Program UPdate Mode,,,NK04
    I also used a new USB cable to make sure that wasn't the issue. On the updater screen there is nothing all under Model Name. Any other ideas?

    • If you have access to a different computer or laptop I would recommend trying it on that to ensure there isn't just some odd driver conflict on your current PC. Also, make sure you have installed the full driver and combo package onto your computer and you can try restarting your computer again before connecting it in recovery mode - The combo package is at for the XP-640.

  19. Matt,
    Thank you so much for your help getting my XP-330 back to printing. I was sick thinking about the money lost on my full cartridges and then tossing my fairly new XP-330. (I find it difficult to succumb to blackmail) . You are correct in key sequence to get into printer update mode. The only additional step I needed to take was to remove the cartridges before getting into the update mode.
    Thanks again and kind regards.

  20. YES YES, thank you! As Constance said above, my XP-330 got back into shape after your hack. Epson makes me so mad but thankfully I found your page.

  21. Thank you!!! Your epson17757.exe firmware file and above guide saved my XP-330 from the recycle center. Epson's latest March 2018 firmware update screwed me over hard by rejecting all third party ink that I put into it. The epson17757.exe firmware actually works better than what I had before. The XP-330 used to complain about third party ink, but would still work. Now it doesn't even complain. From other Epson inkjet printer user's reviews I have been reading Epson seems to be the worst offender in trying to block users from using third party ink. Guess what brand I'm not buying anymore?

  22. Hi. I've got an Epson xp-345 printer and tried to downgrade but after I get into recovery mode I have no idea what to do next.
    I've downloaded older drivers but I think that them just for PC not for a printer.
    Please help and tell me how to resolve this problem.

    • Hi. The 345 should use the same firmware as the 340. Download the 2017 firmware from below (make sure to get PC if you are on Windows or Mac version if you are on a Mac):

      PC (Windows):

      Then simply follow the instructions in this guide. Make sure your printer is connected with USB to the PC and that the printer is in recovery mode (white text). If you see red text then you aren't in the correct recovery mode. If STOP + LEFT + HOME + POWER doesn't bring up the white text update screen, you can try instead with STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER.

  23. I have an xp-434. The first time it didn't work. Flashed the firmware again with ink out hit ok ok. Power off and back on took ink out back in and ok ok again. Third time it recognized the 3rd party cartridges again

    • Good to hear. I have found that certain types of ink are more touchy after a firmware downgrade until being fully removed and reset. I think these problems would be resolved if the ink is removed and then the printer is fully restarted in regular mode (so it prompts you to insert ink) before proceeding with the downgrade instructions.

  24. hi I have an xp-310 series trying to find out were i can find the firmnware to downgrade it so I can print! any help is appreciated!

    • Old firmware for XP-225 is difficult to find since it was never released in the US and the firmware wasn't ever made available on Epson's main website. The one you'd be after is UF18F3 (2015) but it may prove challenging. The WICReset utility claims to have this firmware available to downgrade for the XP-225 but that product also requires a license to downgrade, which is like $10-$18.

      The Feb. 2018 firmware for it is buried on an offsite page but they have a totally different file system than the main website so it's not feasible to find the old download link nor any older version of the download page.

  25. Hi Matt, thanks for this post!! We updated firmware only to find we had this problem (super annoying!) - and that the printer didn't come with the cable. So while getting the usb cable - I'm looking up how to downgrade the firmware.

    We're using a Mac. Please can you help with a link to the correct downgrade firmware for Mac OS? I saw a link above, but when I click on it ( it has a LIST and I'm unsure which one I need to click.

    Is it the one that says: Firmware Update For Mac OS- Recovery Mode version RM01G4 – Download (12.9 MB, Release Date: 09/21/16)?

    Don't need any further problems, so really appreciate your assistance!!

  26. Awesome site! Do you happen to know anything about other lines of printers? My Epson Artisan 1430 firmware was updated and now we can't use our aftermarket All Black ink for our screen printing shop. I have found directions (and purchased the WIC Reset program key) to try to fix this, but the button combination that they show for my printer does not boot the printer into recovery mode. Thanks

    • Unfortunately I'm not sure of the specific combo for that model. I had an Artisan 837 but it was very different and had a touch screen. The instructions offered by WIC Reset should be quite accurate from my experience. I would suggest try pressing the keys sequentially instead of all at once (so hold the first one in, before also holding in the second etc.) Otherwise you should reach out to their support for assistance. They have live support often at:

  27. p.s. sorry to cause any confusion. But I also found this link:

    In my previous comment the firmware dated back to 2016. But this current link offers firmware dated 2017.
    Firmware Update For Mac OS- Recovery Mode version SO10H8 – Download (17.1 MB, Release Date: 09/27/17)

    So my questions are:
    1) from the list of available downloads on those links -have I got the right one (e.g. firmware update for Mac OS- Recovery Mode)?
    2) WHICH one do I need to downgrade my xp440; firmware from 2016 OR firmware from 2017?


  28. I just downgraded the XP-640. After I downloaded the software, and put it in the program mode as per the instructions, it took about 5 seconds for the software to load into the printer. However, after it downloads, the power light of the printer blinks while it is updating. After the update, I got the regular screen. Everything went smoothly. Just be sure you don't over react after downloading the firmware and let the printer do its ting.

  29. Matt, My Epson XP-830 just updated the firmware and now, of course, my reman ink won't work. None of the instructions above don't address my issues ... namely, the process of getting into the downgrade process. No Start, Down Arrow other way to interfere with the regular boot process. I'm stumped.

  30. I left a message at the YouTube video. I have the exact situation as Emmitt except I'm XP-630. I'm certainly willing to toss this "#&@$ and put Epson with Canon on my "Forget It!" list but thought I'd check anyway. Matt, what you've done here and on YouTube is absolutely WONDERFUL! I know it takes time, but your efforts are so greatly appreciated (even if my printer is now beyond help).

  31. Thanks Matt this trick worked great for my XP-440 using the STOP,LEFT DOWN and POWER combo to get it into recovery mode. The firmware up date I used was from September of 2017. Epson and their scamming firmware update is what got me into this mess in the first place. To bad we as consumers have no recourse except to bitch to deaf uncaring ears at Epson or to completely abandon their products and shop else-ware. Thanks again Matt for your help. I will definitely not be doing any more firm ware any time soon.

  32. Does anyone have link to firmware downgrade for XP-245. Can't find it anywhere without paying for it. Thanks in advance

  33. OMG! THANK YOU - THANK YOU - Thank You. 🙂
    I was so pissed last night after updating and getting the msg that all of my ink cartridges were not recognized.

    Thanks again.

  34. Ohhhhhhhhhh Matt

    May you be safe an hour in Heaven 'fore the devil knows you are dead!
    My Epson XP-440 is now 'back in working order', thanks to you and your wonderful advice.
    I reverted back to September 2017 (From here:
    Firmware is just down the page a bit)
    .........................and the first thing it did after the 'reversion' was to tell me that 'new firmware is available for download'.
    You can bet I have that instruction on 'permanent ignore'! 🙂

    Thank you again!

    Pat Tietzen

    Epson XP-440 Firmware
    •Firmware Update For Windows – Recovery Mode version SO10H8 – Download (13.2 MB, Release Date: 09/27/17)

    • Good to hear! On most models you can permanently disable the update notification on the printer itself via Setup > Firmware > Notification > Off.

  35. Hi Matt - help, it was only on a Forum did I understand that the Firmware update was blocking cartridges after I bought another complete non-Epson cartridges having just removed my old previous working set. Of course the new set is not working. I am now following your instructions to go back to the old Firmware update - I have an XP-315 and after downloading the epson17753 firmware driver, the update seems to be happening on the computer window but then the Epson Printer FW Update Mode states FILE NOT FOUND. Any help would be appreciated before I lose the plot! Valerie

  36. Further to the above, I am now thinking perhaps the printer cable is not working and I have ordered a new one and will try your procedure once I have a new cable.

    • Hi Valerie. The problem is not your cable, but instead relates to the firmware version and your printer model. The XP-315 is a UK model that is not available in the USA and locating specific older firmware for it is much harder than US models. It is different than the XP-310 so that firmware will not work. You will need to obtain Firmware EJ18D4 from 2013. I do not have an easy to install version of that firmware personally. The WIC Reset tool purportedly has it in an easy to downgrade manner (but this is a paid solution and I cannot vouche for its service).

  37. I have an Epson XP-440 and can't find the right combination of keys to hit to get to the firmware screen. Any help???? I have the old firmware update to downgrade--just can't get to the screen

    • Hi Kelli. For the XP-440 you should use: STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER. Rest of the instructions should be the same as long as you use the XP-440 firmware.

  38. Thank you! Got my XP-640 working again. Relieved because when I first realized the generic ink cartridges would no longer work after the update, I had murderous thoughts of posting a video to YouTube of me smashing the printer to bits! Whew!

  39. Thank you very much, Matt, for posting this information. I followed your video and written instructions carefully several times on my Epson XP-630, and I'm still getting the same message. Is there a particular brand of 3rd-party cartridge that works better than another?

    • As long as the firmware has actually downgraded then any cartridge made in the past year should be adequate. Sometimes it is a bit finicky and will take several rounds of removing all the ink, restarting, restarting again, putting the ink back in, restarting finally kick back on and work with third party ink after the downgrade.

  40. Thank you very much, Matt. I feel like a bit of a doof. I was thinking that the printer was telling me to replace the large, black cartridge, but it was really telling me to replace the yellow one. Once I did that, it was fine.

  41. Re: XP-830 Is anyone else getting a "Downgraded (It cannot be updated)" message when the firmware install locates the printer? I've tried it with both USB and Ethernet cables. If I put the printer in recovery (press upper right corner and power button) the install program can't find the printer.

    Any ideas?

  42. The error message when in firmware recovery mode: "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer."

    • Hi Steve, this might be a case where something on your computer (drivers or software) is conflicting with the recovery process. I've seen a few have this same problem and most were able to resolve it by trying the process on another computer or laptop, preferably one without any Epson software installed.

  43. I have Epson XP-430 and am getting the same error, "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer."

    • Thanks for the update Mikhail, I have seen a few instances now where something was conflicting with the recovery process on the main computer so switching to a different one solved the problem. Happy you got it situated!

  44. Matt, Thank you for the posts. I have a UK model of XP-345 and followed the "Hi. The 345 should use the same firmware as the 340. Download the 2017 firmware from below (make sure to get PC if you are on Windows or Mac version if you are on a Mac):

    PC (Windows):" . It works through until final transfer where the printer display says " file not found".

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi Mark. The international models of Epson's printers are a lot more tricky due to the very obscure and specialized firmware distribution, and apparently it differs enough from the 340 firmware that it can't be detected for a proper downgrade. I do not have any specifically for the 345 and don't think you'll have much luck finding it anywhere online. I don't even think that the WIC Reset tool (which costs $20 per key) has it, they only have one for the XP-335 and that likely won't be compatible either. This might be an instance where it is more cost effective to find a different printer that still has old firmware or can be downgraded (I see XP series sell for $30 or less online and in thrift stores sometimes). Otherwise if you can't downgrade it'd cost more for one set of new ink than it would a replacement inkjet printer. Even new these type of printers rarely exceed $70.

  45. I have the XP-830. If you try to run the firmware updater with the printer on, you will experience the "Downgraded (It cannot be updated)" issue. First, you need to power off the printer and then turn it on in recovery mode (touch the upper right corner of the touchscreen while holding the power button). Once in recover mode, then you can run the firmware updater while connected via USB. After the update is completed, touch the center of the touchscreen to power off and then restart.

  46. Hi Matt, I tried both the 2016 and 2015 versions for my XP-630. Afrer considerable searching by the updater at Step 5 I get a message "The printer is not connected or the connected printer is not the target printer", and no model name appears on the screen. I am in the correct update mode on the printer. Purchased a new male-to-male USB cable from Walmart for the task. Looks like the printer is not being seen. Any suggestions

    • Hi Fred, I have seen a few cases like this and typically it can be solved by performing the procedure from another computer or laptop. Sometimes there are driver conflicts or software that seems to interfere with the recovery mode operations. If you have another computer or can go to a friend's house with the printer you can try the process again on their computer, preferably one that never had any Epson software installed although usually that doesn't matter.

    • As a follow-up - make sure you have the printer connected to your computer via the Type A/B USB Printer cable that goes from the back of the printer (square USB port) to the computer, not from the front USB port. It never occurred to me that some might be using the wrong USB port, which will cause these types of problems, until Steve noted it below.

  47. Hi, I'm so hopping mad about this update! Have you got any advice for an Epson WorkForce WF-2630? I can't seem to find any advice and I'm going cross eyed down the internet rabbit hole! Thank you so much for keeping this blog!

  48. Hi Matt. I had an XP-330 and the downgrade worked great for it until the printer died. I just bought the XP-340 and I downloaded and installed the older firmware (epson19136.exe). I'm still getting the "Ink Not Recognized" error. I've tried several rounds of removing all the third party ink and restarting but I still get the error. Any suggestions?

  49. Got fucked by the firmware update on my WF-4720. Can't seem to find anything to solve the unrecognized cartridges problem on this model. If you can help, please reply! Damn corporations

  50. How frustrating this is. Cleared a separate Macbook of any epson Software (trashed the file in library, emptied trash, did a restart) tried this process on that laptop, same issue. If connected with USB of Ethernet, can't find the printer. If kept out of firmware update, unable to update.

    This feels like watching everyone else win a golden ticket and I'm sitting on the sideline with POS printer and a bunch of ink that won't work.

    Epson: When you feel like your not quite screwed enough!

  51. IT WORKED!!!!

    OK, all you XP-830 users, heres what I learned:

    1) the USB cable they are talking about IS NOT the front panel one, but the USB to PRINTER cable that connects in the back.

    2) Definitely try a puter that has no EPSON (Every Printer Screwed Over Now) soft/hardware.

    3) After you run the firmware update, at the end it says to wait for the printer to shut off. I waited... and waited... and waited... and then figured "Screw this" and unplugged the printer and replugged it. Came up fine running the old firmware.

    4) Goes without saying DO NOT UPDATE. (The funny/irritating thing-first error message is telling me there is a new firmware update. Yeah, EPSON, I'm aware).

    5) Go have a beer.

    Thanks to all, and especially you Matt, for this awesome resource. Now, if we could get a "People's Printer" crowd funded that only uses third party cartridges...

    • Thanks for the follow-up Steve, glad you got it working! I apologize for not clarifying that the necessary USB cable is indeed the Type A/B from the back of the printer to the computer. I guess I never even considered that there is also a front USB port that people might be trying. I bet others who have reported similar issues were also using the wrong USB port and cable. I will update my guide here to clarify. Someone else that I help with printers has an XP-810 and after one of the prior updates it now nags them once about unauthorized ink when replacing it, but still allows them to use it. It is a shame that 99% of Epson printers and their latest firmware updates instead block all printing until you fork over $100+ for new ink (or downgrade, which is still a process almost nobody knows about).

  52. Thank you so much for this guide! Some of the other websites I found while googling this problem said there was no fix if a firmware update was responsible--I am so glad I found your tutorial! Needless to say, I'm turning the auto-updater OFF.

  53. Thanks for the article Matt! I helped my dad with his Epson XP-830. This fix got it to the point where it would recognize the C, Y & B cartridges, but not the black PBK & XL. We flashed the firmware twice. Tried re-seating in different orders, but to no avail. Luckily, he has a Staples protection- so this printer is going back to the store.

  54. Thanks. My XP-640 is back in operation.
    Epson is of course the problem and my ink supplier is incompetent. I knew what needed to be done but had no clue how to find the firmware or the key sequence necessary. You filled in the gaps.

  55. Yes!!! I downgraded my firmware following the instructions on this page, which the @$%&^'s at Epson tech support said was impossible, and now my XP-830 is working again with the non Epson cartridges. The only problem I ran into was waiting long enough for the printer to shut off after installing the firmware, which takes about 5 minutes. Once it does, turn it on again and be amazed that all 5 of the cartridges are recognized. I didn't bother taking them out first, just downgraded with them installed. Thank you x 10 Matt, you truly made my day. (and my wife thinks I'm a genius for fixing the problem)

  56. Gerald, Don't know why your xp-830 says that. So, was it downgraded okay? If so, then your problem should be solved and believe me, you won't want to update ever again in the future anyhow.

  57. No it did not downgrade okay. Still not seeing my cartridges. They were working fine till Epson sneaked in the upgrade. Sounds like a class action suit needs made. They have downgraded them after the purchase (contract), everyone needs to bombard them with complaint. Maybe write our members of government to stop their import due to not complying with law allowing use of any compatible cartridge. Maybe that will wake them up!

  58. Worked fine for XP-640. Once successfully updated dialogue box appears, do not unplug the printer or turn it off manually. Leave it plugged and ON and give it about 30 seconds to turn off on its own, then you manually turn it back ON and you should be fine after that. THANKS, THIS HAS BEEN A BIG HELP.

  59. Hi Matt: I read all the posts and instructions but cannot get my XP-330 to go into recovery mode. I tried connecting USB A/B to the back, pulling all cartridges, shutting off then hitting STOP, LEFT, HOME AND START at once but always goes to boot then ink screen. Anything else I can do? If not, it's my last Epson........

    • Hi Howard, there must be something not quite right. It should be possible to boot into firmware recovery mode even without having the printer connected to anything but the wall. The correct combo is STOP + LEFT + HOME + POWER and you should start by holding STOP, then LEFT, then HOME and finally POWER so all are pressed at once in that sequence. You also should do this within 30 seconds of powering the printer off. After holding in this manner for 5-10 seconds it should boot to the white recovery screen. If it still does not work then all I can think of is that one of the required buttons has a fault on your printer and can't register a "hold" like it should. (If you do get to firmware mode, then you do need to have the USB cable from the back of the printer to the PC, not the front.) Here are the 330 firmwares as well, for reference.


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